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Wrinkled And Mature Skin Facials

Wrinkled And Mature Skin Facials

Warm packs such as peel-off pack or a thermal pack warms the skin by increasing blood circulation in the facial area.

If your skin is dry, mature or wrinkled, then warm packs are really good for you. You can use these packs yourself or ask a friend to help you out.

Peel-Off Pack

A peel off pack can be used both as part of a facial or stand-alone, as it is. It is a commercial product that comes in a ready- to – use package. A peel-off pack has the qualities of cleansing, refining and stimulating the skin.


Prepare yourself for a normal facial. Carry out the cleansing routine and massage your face for 10 minutes. Bind your hair tight with a head band. Leave a little cream on your face. Now quickly apply the peel-off pack with a brush in smooth, flowing strokes excluding eyes, mouth, nostrils and eyebrows.

Sit quietly or lie down and allow the pack to harden. It will form a rubbery film that will immobilize the facial features. The process will take about 15-20 minutes. Now remove the pack by peeling away from the borders and lifting it off in a complete piece. Clean your face with a moistened cotton pad. Use skin tonic.

Thermo herb Pack

Thermo herb packs are available in herbal and chemical formulations, ready to use. Heat is produced by the ingredients that help in their absorption. Thermo-pack is a complete treatment in itself that heats and treats.

It has immense regenerative properties and breathes life into mature, dry, wrinkled and dull skin by removing cellular waste and increasing blood circulation. Besides the Thermo-pack formulation of your choice you will need normal facial material.

Application and Removal of Thermo Pack

Prepare yourself for a normal facial. Accomplish the cleansing routine and massage strokes to prepare the skin for further stimulation. Cover the skin with a layer of cream that comes with the thermo-pack. Now make a thick paste of the thermo pack and apply with a spatula in a smooth and thick layer avoiding eyes, mouth and nostrils.

Cover eyes with eye pads soaked in rose water. Leave the pack on for 20-30 minutes. During this period as the thermo-herb pack gets warm it in turn opens the pores letting the cream to be absorbed by the skin. After a while the heat disperses and the treatment is complete. First of all, remove the eye pads and then lift the thermal pack in one piece. Wipe face with sterilized cotton.

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