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Wrinkle Fillers – Uses, Side Effects, Benefits, Risks


Everyone especially women would love to look young. But it is a fact that with age the skin develops wrinkles and most of the people get wrinkles when they cross their 30′s age barrier.

This is because as age increases the sebaceous glands within the skin becomes less vigorous and provides less moisture and oil to the skin and this in turn makes the fat layer just beneath the skin thin and makes the skin lose. Moreover the production of elastin and collagen which keeps the skin tight and nourished gets reduced and adds to the wrinkle formation.

Hence in order to keep the wrinkles away one must nourish the body with fruits, vegetables and water and also avoid exposure to sun and harmful chemicals. Those who want drastic change in their look must resort to wrinkle fillers which are available as masks, creams, injections etc.

Different Types of Wrinkle Fillers

Collagen and Botox

The most widely accepted wrinkle fillers are collagen and botox injections. These injections are used to treat the wrinkles on the forehead, mouth and under the eyes. It brings quick results even though the procedure is slightly painful.

The effect of these injections last for six months but it is always better to take the next dose at frequent intervals as otherwise the wrinkles may appear again. Most of the wrinkle fillers provide 80% success but the person should give up his/her smoking and alcohol consumption habits to maintain this success. But too much usage of these injections will have adverse side effects.

Hyaluronic Acid

There are hyaluronic acid injections available to maintain healthy skin. Normally hyaluronic acids injections do not cause allergic reactions. Nowadays even calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres which aids in supplementing the natural collagen of the skin are used as wrinkle fillers.

There are alternatives for these injections and they are anti wrinkle creams, patches and lotions. These products can be used on a daily basis and are safe to use. These anti-wrinkles penetrate the skin and provide vitamin C, natural collagen stimulator and minerals to rejuvenate the skin. Thus these products help to heal the skin from inside and straighten the fine lines and wrinkles.

There are some natural wrinkle filler masks which helps to remove the dirt and impurities from the skin and stimulate the blood circulation through the skin and thus helps to nourish the skin.

For making a natural wrinkle filler melt 1/3 block paraffin and combine it with two drops of essential oil of rose and three drops of essential oil of lavender, one teaspoon of any of oat flour, green clay or white clay and one teaspoon each of dried lavender petals and elder blossoms. When the mixture is cool spread it on the skin and keep it for 15 minutes and, then wash it off.

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