Weight Loss

Weight Loss And Thyroid

Weight Loss And Thyroid

The major cause for most of human health complications is related with weight gain and weight loss. This condition is very obvious with people who are affected by over secretion and under secretion of the thyroid gland. People who have been suffering from under secretion of the thyroid gland will undergo sudden weight loss.

People who are under thyroid treatment will be characterized with change in metabolic activities, which causes body weight gain or loss according to their condition. It is important for people to understand that there are a few processes interlinked such as change in metabolic activity, insulin resistance and variation in brain chemistry of a person involved in weight loss and thyroid. This will help a person in stabilizing his/her body weight at a level after diagnosing the kind of thyroid problem faced by them.

Connection Between Weight Loss and Thyroid


In a hyperthyroidism state, BMR value of a person will be high that results in weight loss. This is mainly because, when a person has been treated for over secretion of thyroid, there will be a change in the requirement of the body. At this situation, human body tends to burn large amount of calories that efficiently results in body weight loss.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

In any organism, metabolism plays key role in regulating and generalizing its activities. Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is normally used for measuring the thyroid secretion status in a person’s body using advanced medical instruments. People having any thyroid issues tend to have low BMR value and whereas there is high secretion by thyroid glands it results in high BMR value. But, understanding the link between BMR and thyroid is complicated, because there are other factors involved in causing hyperthyroid and hypothyroid situations.

Impact of Thyroid Medications

But, one has to understand that the halt in weight loss is due to the thyroid medications. There are also possibilities that once the medication for treating hyperthyroidism has been stopped, patients get back to gain normal body structure easily. When there is less secretion of thyroid hormone, people will tend to gain more weight because of thyroid treatment.

On medication, hyperthyroid patients become over reactive in stuffing things such as water and salt in huge content inside the body. There will be little improvement of weight that varies according to the treatment level and yardsticks used by the doctors.

Influencing Thyroxine Secretion

While treating abnormal state of thyroid gland under secretion, there are high possibility of raise in BMR level and thyroid level in the body significantly. The situation gets back to original stage, when the thyroid patient stops the treatment done for thyroxine secretion. Moreover, it is important for thyroid patients to make use of medicines at perfect dosage level according to health care professional’s prescription. By doing so, people can eliminate the risks of weight gain or loss, thereby maintaining high health quotient magnificently.

Getting Back to Normal Weight

Appetite, thyroxine, metabolism and other related activities are also indirectly linked with body weight. Interestingly, if a person manages to take proper calorie level content along with thyroid treatment, then there are possibilities of extra mass gain by them. This is because, there is perfect stable level between BMR status and thyroid has been maintained exquisitely without having any major impact on body weight.

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