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Top Ways Of Putting Vaseline To Effective Use


Vaseline has petroleum jelly as its main component. This form of petroleum jelly was formulated by Robert Cheesebrough in nineteenth century. Cheesebrough was a chemist. The main purpose of Vaseline is to help heal dry and cracked lips.

However, today Vaseline has various benefits

A few of which we will discuss in this article.

1. Vaseline can help make your smile brighter. Simply rub a small amount of Vaseline on gums above the front teeth. The gums will gleam and shine and give a healthy look.

2. Vaseline works really well for dry and cracked feet. Soak your feet in a small basin filled with warm water for 10 minutes. Scrub the heels using a pumice stone or a foot scrapper. Wash the feet and dry them on a soft towel. Take generous amounts of Vaseline and massage it on your feet. Wear cotton socks and leave for 6-8 hours. Make this a before-going-to-bed ritual and in the morning you will have a pair of soft and smooth feet.

3. Vaseline can be used to prepare your own lip gloss. Take a small glass bowl and place ½ teaspoon Vaseline in it. Now take out leftovers of your favorite lipstick using ear buds and mix it with Vaseline. Your lip gloss is ready for use! Use a lip brush to apply on the lips.

4. Don’t worry if you haven’t had the time to get your eye brows done. Simply take small amount of Vaseline and rub it in between your index finger and thumb. Now using your index finger apply the Vaseline to shape the two brows. Your eye brows will get an instant lift and nobody would notice that they require grooming.

5. Vaseline can be used to style and hold dry hair. Use Vaseline as a styling agent only on dry hair. Scoop a little amount of Vaseline from the jar and rub it in between your fingers and style your hair the way you wish to. Vaseline will not dry out your hair as other styling products tend to.

6. Eye is a very delicate part of our face and needs to be handled with care especially when removing eye makeup. To remove eye makeup gently use Vaseline. Take a soft facial tissue and dab a little Vaseline on it. Use this tissue to rub off the makeup from your eyes. Vaseline will also remove your mascara.

7. Use Vaseline to give shine to your eye lashes. Take a very small amount of Vaseline and rub it in between your fingers. Now apply the Vaseline on the eye lashes. Not only will your eye lashes appear shinier but they will also look longer and thicker.

8. Vaseline works as an inexpensive yet equally effective alternative to paraffin treatment. Simply massage generous amounts of Vaseline on your hands and feet. Take towels and soak them in hot water. Squeeze the water from the towels and wrap your Vaseline slathered hands and feet in the towels and leave for 7-10 minutes. When you unwrap your hands and feet the skin in them will be silky soft and smooth.

9. To make your lips soft and smooth apply Vaseline on them and leave for 2 minutes. Take a soft bristled tooth brush and wet it slightly. Use this wet toothbrush to exfoliate the skin on your lips.

Do not brush your lips for more than a minute. Once you are done wash your lips with cold water and apply Vaseline. Your lips will be soft and also have a nice pink color.

10. To make the fragrance from your perfume last longer rub a little Vaseline on neck, behind the ears, wrists and other areas where you will be using the spray. Spray perfume or use a deodorant, the fragrance will last you easily for at least 6 hours.

11. Vaseline prevents the hair dye from leaving color on your skin. If you dye your hair at home then simply apply some amount of Vaseline on the forehead to avoid the color from staining the skin. Once you are done applying the hair dye wipe off the Vaseline using a soft tissue.

12. Apply Vaseline to recently shaved areas including the armpits and the public area. Using Vaseline will help avoid razor burn.

13. Rub Vaseline on damp and clean legs to give them a sexy glow. Using Vaseline on the legs will make them appear smooth and young.

14. Vaseline works as a good makeup remover. However, use Vaseline on your face only if you have dry skin. Put some amount of Vaseline on a damp tissue and apply it all over the face, including temples, under the nose, and neck. Wait for 5 minutes to allow the Vaseline to dissolve the makeup from the skin and then wipe off using damp cotton ball.

15. Vaseline helps you give a great manicure. Slather generous amounts of Vaseline on your slightly damp hands including the nails. Put on plastic gloves and wait for 5-10 minutes. Remove the gloves and massage your hands including the nails. Wash the Vaseline away using only warm water and no soap. Not only will the skin of your hands become smooth and soft to touch, the fingernails will also have a healthy shine to them.

16. To prepare a natural scrub for dry skin mix three tablespoons of Vaseline with two teaspoons baking soda. Wet your skin under the shower and massage the scrub all over the body. Wait for 2-5 minutes before washing it off. This natural exfoliator will help clean the clogged skin pores with dead skin cells, sebum and dirt. People with normal and oily skin can also use this scrub for exfoliating their bodies except for the face. Vaseline-baking soda scrub will clean your pores and also moisturize the skin making it soft and smooth.

17. Vaseline is a great substitute for facial creams. If you run out of your favorite facial cream simply mix ½ teaspoon Vaseline with two teaspoons water or rose water. Apply the Vaseline solution on the face and neck and massage the skin well. Vaseline will make the skin soft and also bring a healthy glow to your face.

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