Herbal Remedies

Top Home Remedies for high blood pressure


Few Things to follow for control the blood pressure level:

1 – Eat a balanced and nourishing diet, With the balance diet you can control the blood pressure level. Consume food rich in proteins, dietary fiber and low in sugar, sodium and cholesterol.

2 – Eat cereals and pulses to control the blood pressure level.

3 – You should Eat Raw vegetables, it has the natural things which control the blood pressure level.

4 – Use fresh, homemade, simple soups and fruit juice, Eat Whole grains

High blood pressure can be prevented or kept under control by following healthy eating habits and a thorough fitness routine. You also need to guard against tension, anxiety and stress to stay away from high blood pressure.

Don’t Do (Avoid) these to control the blood pressure level:

  • Do not use canned soup, fruit juices and pickles that contain lots of salt or acids
  • Avoid eating fried items
  • Avoid wafers
  • Avoid potato finger chips, especially the ones sprinkled with salt.
  • Avoid adding extra salt or sugar to it
  • Reduce smoking or slowly put an end to it
  • Restrict the consumption of alcohol too
  • Do not eat too many sweets or desert items
  • Limit the intake of poultry items, fish and meat.


You can workout in the gym, go for long walks, jogging or play active sports like swimming or cycling. Engage in fitness activities preferably in the morning.

Keep your mind calm and stress free by practicing yoga meditation or deep breathing exercises daily. It helps in maintaining the balance of mind and generates positive energy.

Controlling the mind is also important. High level of competition, working atmosphere, meeting unrealistic deadlines, achieving targets, dealing with a tough boss, competing coworkers generate lot of tension and stress. In addition, there are also domestic responsibilities to be discharged. All this can lead to frustration, anxiety, worry and loss of peace of mind.

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