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Top Causes Of Rashes


It is important to understand what rashes are before knowing the causes of rashes. They are nothing but changes in colour of the skin due to various reasons like exposure to chemicals, sunburns, weather etc.

It is possible to treat the rashes easily once you know the cause. Enlisted below are some of the common causes of rashes among children and adults alike.

Causes of Rashes

Dry Skin

This is a very common cause. Dry skin can be caused due to lack of water, heat rashes, dry weather. It is a known fact that water is very important for our body. Did you know that it is important for our skin as well? Lack of water causes the skin to shrink and shrivel.

This is prominent during winter and in cold countries as we often forget to drink water when it is cold. The skin becomes scaly and itchy. Often it becomes red due to constant scratching. Another reason for >dry skin can be hot and dry climatic conditions. Under such atmospheric conditions the skin loses moisture and heat rash develops. Red spots develop all over the skin.

Pollution and Dirt

Dust, grime, smoke, harsh sun clubbed with congestion caused by people and traffic are also causes of rashes. Simply taking a stroll on the street can accumulate enough grime on the skin to induce rashes.

Also the dust and sun rashes simply increase the itchiness leading to reddish rashes. This is especially prominent if you venture out during midday when the sun is at its peak. Often these rashes if ignored can lead to acne, pimples and other complications.

Skin Quality

The quality of the skin is also one of the factors in causing rashes. If your skin is dry or oily both can become causes of rashes. People born with dry skin are very sensitive to skin allergies because their skin naturally lacks water. They are more likely to develop rashes owing to dust and grime accumulation. This is because there is lack of hydration making the skin scaly, rough and patchy.

This condition is prominent among people who are born with dry skin and senior citizens whose skin has shrivelled and lacks water. When the skin secretes excess oil it causes irritation on the skin surface. This results in inflammation of the skin causing acne, rashes or eczema. The rashes are more prominent during summers as the weather is hot and humid. Humidity aggravates the problem since the skin secretes excess oil as well as sweat.

Other Common Causes of Rashes

The causes mentioned above are the most common causes of rashes. However some other causes of rashes are stress, fatigue, extreme weather conditions, chemicals, cosmetics etc.

Using cosmetics that have crossed date of expiry can often become cause ofrashes, swelling of the affected parts, boils, pimples and even pus-filled swellings. Wearing clothes made of polyester, nylon or rayon can induce rashes especially if they are worn in extreme heat conditions.


The best way to deal with rashes is to keep the skin well-hydrated and clean. It is important that you must wash the exposed body parts like hands and face at least twice a day with soap and water. Use a mild detergent and as far as possible stay away from unnecessary cosmetics. Have plenty of fruits and water and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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