Top Achilles Tendonitis Exercises


What is Achilles tendonitis? Are you aware of Achilles tendonitis exercises which would help in dealing with the problem? This article would address both the issues. Let us first understand what Achilles tendonitis is.
Achilles tendonitis basically refers to damage in the Achilles tendon. The problem is mainly observed in athletes. Due to extreme level of tension and stress in Achilles tendon, an individual may feel inflammation in the tendon. This inflammation in the tendon is often accompanied with pain and swelling.

The problem may either occur gradually or instantly. An individual may feel pain just above the heel and in the ankle. Most of the people ignore the initial symptom of mild pain in the tendon, and continue with the daily routine of exercise and sport activities.

Due to continuous movement of the feet and the ankle, the condition of the tendon may worsen, consequently deteriorating the health of the tendon. Extreme pain and swelling may be observed at times. There are several treatments which can help to treat the inflammation and pain in the Achilles tendon.

First of all, an individual needs to take proper rest for a day or two to prevent the problem from worsening, Thereafter, compresses, cold packs, medications and exercises should be taken into consideration for treating Achilles tendonitis. Here, we shall discuss about a few effective exercises for Achilles tendonitis.

Top 3 Achilles Tendonitis Exercises

Calf stretch

Calf stretching is quite beneficial for getting rid of strain on tendon. With both your hands placed on the wall, you should take one leg at the back, and then push yourself slowly towards the wall.

This way you would be able to feel a stretch in your calf muscles, which would eventually help in relieving the stress on the tendon.

Practice this exercise with both the legs to strengthen the calf muscles, while treating Achilles tendonitis.

Towel stretch

Towel stretch is considered to be a very good exercise for treating Achilles tendonitis. The towel should be placed under one of your legs and pulled towards yourself with both your hands, while making sure to keep your knee straight.

The position should be held for around 30 seconds, before repeating the exercise again. It is suggested to practice this towel stretching exercise at least thrice in a day to see an improvement in the health of the tendon.

Heel Raise

The easiest and most effective exercise for improving the health of the Achilles tendon is to raise your heels. You can take the help of a chair or a wall, so that you can maintain your entire balance on the toes without falling off. Slowly and slowly, you would feel a reduction in pain and inflammation in the tendon with the help of this simple exercise.

In case, you do no find relief from the aforementioned Achilles tendonitis exercises, it is suggested to seek medical advice. Anti inflammatory drugs and pain relievers may be prescribed by the doctor to curb the pain and inflammation in the tendon. However, the use of drugs to deal with the condition should remain the last alternative.

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