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7 Effective Herbs For Eye Infection

7 Effective Herbs For Eye Infection

Eye infection can occur due to various kinds of reasons like external intruders, which may be virus, bacteria or even any kind of fungus. However, apart from the above, eye infections do occur due to environmental pollutants. Discharge from water, redness of the eyes and burning and watering follow suit.

It should be remembered that the eyes are very sensitive areas of the body. These vital organs may get damaged permanently, if they are not treated on time. Here are some herbal remedies that do provide some respite from eye infections, but if the problem persists, then it is best to consult a doctor for the same.

Effective Herbs For Eye Infection

Licorice For Eye Infection

Using licorice root is a very effective method of fighting the eye infection called conjunctivitis. The root has been known for treating various other viral infections of the eye too. Basically, you need to take the juice of the root or its extract and drink it or even apply it around the area. Immediate relief can be attained from inflammation and irritation.

Parsley For Eye Infection

The commonly grown garden parsley is a great herb for treating infections of the eye. Take the juice of the herb; either it should be consumed or applied around the area of infection. Not only will it heal the inflammation and burning, it will also give help with other problems like weak eyes and improve vision in the long run.

Calendula For Eye Infection

Treating eye infections using calendula is a great way to combat regular eye infections. Not only does it treat the infection, it also helps the eyes to become more attractive. The best part is that you can use it on either the inner portion of the eye and also externally. Basically you get respite from regular eye issues like inflammation, swelling of the eyes, itching and other regular problems. Don’t use calendula based creams for the eye though.

Mint For Eye Infection

Mint has been known for treating infection of the eye in the form of tea. Basically, you take mint tea bags or even the tea in a cold form and then apply on the eye as a compress. What the mint does is provide instant cooling in the area, along with healing the infection and providing respite.

Goldenseal For Eye Infection

Commonly known as the root of the orange, this bitter tasting herb too treats eye disorders along with infections. It has anti-bacterial properties that are known for treating many eye infections, including pink eye. Again, the extract can be consumed and applied on the exterior portion of the eyes.

Fennel Seeds For Eye Infection

The cooling impact of the fennel seeds are a great remedy for conjunctivitis and other eye infections too. You have to take two spoons of the seeds and then boil them in a glass of water. Let the water cool down and do remember to strain it. Then keep using it for wiping the eyes or even washing it, at least two to three times during the day.

Jasmine For Eye Infection

You just need to take a few jasmine flowers and then boil them in a little water. Let the water cool and strain. Take some drops of this water and then keep applying on the affected area for cooling and relief from other symptoms too.

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