Tips To Live With Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious condition that has become quite common in the past few years. It is a condition where the body produces very less insulin that controls blood sugar and leads to rise of sugar level in the blood. Poorly managed diabetes can cause heart diseases, blindness, kidney problem, and amputations.

This is a disorder where you need a lot of self care and willingness to control your craving towards sweets and maintain the sugar level on daily basis. It is quite easy to enjoy your life just like before with a determination to lead a healthy life.

Steps Towards Healthy Living

Regular Checkup

A diabetic patient needs to keep a regular eye on their blood sugar. In order to avoid further complication you not only need to check it regularly but also maintain the required sugar level. The optimum glucose level that can keep you fit and healthy has to be 120mg/dl before meals and after meals it has to be 180mg/dl. One has to go through regular medication but you cannot just rely on it, make sure to get your tests done and consult the doctor if your diabetes is uncontrollable.

Right medication- The medicines for diabetes generally has to be taken on daily basis, it is prescribed by the physician keeping in mind your sugar level. Skipping the medicine even for the day and escalate your sugar level. Take the medicine that are prescribed only by your doctor, self medication can prove harmful here.

Regular Exercise

Regular walk and exercise are the critical elements that can help in maintaining a proper sugar level. Obesity is one of the common reasons for increased blood sugar that should be controlled by regular exercise. If you are in the initial phases of incorporating exercise in your routine just after detecting diabetes then make sure you get the test done before and after you workout session.

This is important because exercise makes changes in the sugar level and you need to know the effect on your body type. Exercise should be done under the supervision of a trained professional and stop exercising if you sweat more than normal, feel giddy, lightheaded, or any kind of uneasiness.

Diet Care

A diabetes patient have to follow a strict dietary regime to bring about a change in the increased sugar level. Give up on complex starch products, carbohydrates and sugar, usually a protein rich diet is suggested for physical needs.

Your body should get enough nutrients, include multivitamins, zinc, antioxidant and beta-carotene supplements for improved health. Food items that are generally advised are fresh vegetables, food with monounsaturated fat, lean meat, moderate carbohydrates but if you plan to take any supplements consult your doctor before consuming.

Foot Care

Extra care of the feet has to be taken when suffering form diabetes, for any unusual change in your feet such as sores and swelling or any other change. Diabetes can lead to infection and inflammation, at times there can be a formation of gangrene that can be dangerous and must be cured timely.

Enough Sleep

Sound sleep is a must for diabetic patient, one must get a proper sleep of 8 hours as it helps in controlling the sugar level in your blood. If you are taking medicine everyday it needs time to work on your body and that happens well during a sound sleep. You need to have uninterrupted sleep so make sure that there are no distractions.

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