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Tips To Get Rid Of Freckles


Freckles are a pervasive skin problem especially among those people who have a fairer skin tone.

To enhance the beauty and get that flawless skin, it is very imperial to either minimize or completely get rid of those dull and unattractive freckles. If we define freckles in a simple manner, they are brown patches of skin that makes the face look dreary.

Two of the major reasons for freckles are- increased production of melanin and over exposure to the harmful sun rays. On the contrary, there are a lot of people who consider freckles as one of the beauty enhancers! Since it is a form of pigmentation on the skin,

it can easily be treated through some simple remedies without any hassles. So if you are looking forward to get rid of this issue, there are some really effective ways to do so. Here is a beauty guide that mentions all that you can do to hide back those patches without any hassles-

Tips and Solutions for Minimizing Freckles

The Effect of Bleaching Cream

There are a variety of bleaching creams available in the market and that too depending upon your skin type . These are highly affordable and give you instant results where freckles are concerned. Not only will the freckles fade but it will also slow down the secretion of melanin.

The Benefit of Sour Milk

Application of sour milk on the affected areas is another way to get freedom from freckles on the face. The high level of lactic acid content peels the skin of the face in an effortless manner.

Use Lemon

One of the easiest ways to treat the problem is to rub it gently with lemon. This will naturally bleach and exfoliate the skin and make the skin lighter in tone and .

Follow this regularly to get maximum results. The lemon can also be substituted with sliced onion.

Makeup Application

One of the temporary ways to get rid of freckles is to hide it with make up when moving out of the house. For such a purpose, foundation works real wonders or you could try a concealer that suits your skin tone .

Cucumber Effects

Grate a fresh cucumber and take out its juice. You can either apply it directly on the freckles to minimize them gradually or mix this liquid with honey and lemon. Use it on the face for far better results. This should be done daily if you are really looking forward to clear the face of those brown patches.

Vitamin C Rich Foods

Include a lot of Vitamin C rich foods in the diet. These are especially stored in citrus fruits. This will gradually help in cleaning the freckles.

Fruit Masks that will be Effective

The fruit masks that have cucumbers, strawberries or apricots in them as a main ingredient should be applied on the face once in a while for maximum benefits on the freckles.

Use Sunscreen

Sun rays are known to cause pigmentation and brown sports on the face. To prevent further occurrence of freckles on the face make sure you use a good SPF content sunscreen during the day time especially while moving out of the house.

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