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Tips To Build Muscles And A Six Pack

Tips To Build Muscles And A Six Pack

Building six pack requires immense physical efforts and a disciplined regular diet. Anyone who is determined to build a six pack can do so by keeping a regular healthy check on the workout and dietary habits.

Heavyweight Workouts

To add a linear muscle mass to your body, performing exercises with higher intensity is recommended. The intensity should be increased by working out with the weights that ranges between 75-85 percent, out of the total weight that can be lifted by you. However, in a consideration at the start, perform the workouts with heavy weights, according to the allowance of your body and repeat for a few times as you can. Initially, the repetition range is 10-12 times.

Gradually, you can introduce yourself to higher number of repetitions with higher intensities. The main motto is to stabilize yourself with the weight lifting that you are uncomfortable with and increase the strength and tolerance of your body.

How To Build A Six Pack? Perform Abdominal Exercises

The six-pack abs refers to well-toned and well-defined linear muscle mass, and for that purpose, you have to perform steady abdominal exercises. You can conduct simple workouts involving the upper and lower parts of your abdomen, in a combined or separate manner. Crunches, pushups and leg lifts would be appropriate for a beginner. Weights can be included in your abdominal workouts according to your body’s level of tolerance.


Consume A Protein-Rich Diet

For the purpose of building muscles, you have to burn your calorie intake. For building a well-defined six-pack abs you got to burn more calories than the intake of calories. These dietary managements are very contrasting. You need to keep a check on the type of calories you consume.

The main motive is to decrease the rate of fat-storage in the body, so that you burn calories as well as build muscles for your body. To build up linear muscle mass you need to increase the intake of protein. A protein intake of 1.2gm/kg body weight is recommended.

The intake of protein-rich food will cut down the intake of carbohydrate, fats and calories and will also help you build muscle mass. However, consume easily digestible essential proteins. Consume complex carbs so that you body tends to burn the carbs instead of the essential proteins.

Reduction Of Body Fat And Fat Storage

With a contrasting guideline to gain muscle, mass you have to consume lesser amount of calories than the amount your body intends to burn. Generally, females need to possess a body fat of 15-17 percent and males need to possess a body fat of 7-10 percent in order to form well-toned six pack abs.

Include cardio workouts in your regular routine and co-ordinate the intake of calories with proteins and carbohydrate. With weight-training workouts, your body metabolism increases and your calories are burnt to provide you with energy. Building six-pack abs requires patience and discipline.

To you gain a well-defined and well-toned six pack abs, you cannot eliminate the workouts and the healthy diet from your regular routine. You have to continue with a healthy dietary management and regular physical activities in order to maintain the six-pack abs.

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