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Tips For Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage


A miscarriage can prove to be one of the most distressing incidents in the life of a woman. However, everybody will have to learn to cope with such instances and move on with life. A miscarriage in most cases does not mean that you cannot conceive again.

But you will have to administer special care and follow a set of precautions before trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage. You will have to become strong physiologically and psychologically before planning again. Here are few steps that you must follow in order to get pregnant after miscarriage.

Overcome Your Fear

Most women who undergo miscarriage remain shocked and depressed for a long time. But it is best to get over such feelings fast so that you can prepare for another pregnancy. Remain around loving and considerate people like friends, your parents, your husband etc. However, if you are not able to cope with the stress associated with it, then you can consider seeking counselling. Once you are stable, you can move on to the next step.

Medical Assistance

The first and foremost thing to do if you are planning a baby after a miscarriage is to meet your doctor. If he/she is your regular doctor then he/she might be aware of your miscarriage and might guide you to do the necessary to conceive again. In case you are meeting a new doctor, ensure that you brief him/her about your medical history in detail.

Also let him/her know the cause of your miscarriage so that he/she help prevent it in future. In some cases, it is also advised to prevent getting pregnant soon after a miscarriage. However, it is also said that you are most fertile soon after a miscarriage. All you need to do is just go as per your doctor’s advise and you will be able to conceive a healthy baby.

Dietary Modifications

You will have to prepare your body to get pregnant again by eating the right kind of foods and by leading a healthy lifestyle. Ensure that you indulge in a healthy and a well balanced diet before getting pregnant again. Have fruits, vegetables and fiber rich foods. These contain all essential nutrients which are very vital for proper functioning of the body.

Also consume prenatal vitamins after seeking your doctor’s advise. It is also important to shed those undesirable pounds before trying to conceive. Refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking etc. as these habits can have a negative impact on your health and might become the reason for another miscarriage as well.

Physical Activities

Ensure that you indulge in some amount of physical activity before trying to get pregnant again. This helps you get back in shape and also makes you fit enough to get pregnant and have a safe delivery.

Note: If you are not able to conceive after following the above mentioned steps, then you can consider meeting a fertility specialist. Advancement in science and technology has come up with solutions for all kinds of problems. So stay optimistic and determined and you will be a proud mother of a healthy baby.

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