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Ten Simple Tips To Lose Weight In 15 Days

Ten Simple Tricks To Lose Weight In 15 Days

Losing extra pounds does not mean only following a strict eating plan. You also need to bring some changes in daily activities and lifestyle. There are about 10 simple tricks that will help to lose weight in just 15 days.

There is no need of limiting yourself to a crash diet, if you follow these simple and effective tricks to lose weight. Learn some excellent methods to lose weight in just some easy steps.

Losing weight includes healthy diet habits as well as participation in regular cardio vascular exercise. For losing weight, you should burn down more calories as compared to what you consume. With a strong workout plan and right healthy diet, you can easily lose approximately 1 to 2 pounds of fat every week.

This means that in 15 days you can lose about 2 to 4 pounds of your body fat. The exact amount of weight loss differs from person to person. By weight loss you will not only feel but even look better.

You can even prevent the dangerous conditions like heart disease, type-2 diabetes, increase in blood pressure and obesity. By bringing some changes in everyday lifestyle, you can definitely make some progress in 15 days to lose weight.

Make a Strong Plan

Before you work to lose weight, first you need to make a strong plan. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to meet your goal. Make a strong plan to lose weight so that you can stick to it.

Calculate Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Your Basal Metabolic Rate is the total calories that your body requires for maintaining basic functions of the body, such as digestion and breathing. BMR is the minimum amount to the calories,which you need to consume every day.

For calculating your BMR you can make use of an online calculator to know how much calories you should consume on daily basis. By knowing the total numbers of calories that you can consume, helps you in planning a powerful diet plan to lose weight in 15 days. So target the total calories you require on regular basis.

Monitor Calories

Monitor the amount of calories that you consume. Make some adjustments accordingly and make sure that you do not eat too much.  Consume foods with low calorie which provide essential nutrients such as vegetable and fruits. Drink lots of water that will avoid dehydration and won’t even add calories. This way you can lose weight.

Eat Vegetables and Fruits Daily

Vegetables and fruits are completely packed with vitamins, antioxidants as well as fibers. They immediately fill-up your stomach, and you feel totally full for a longer period of time.They even contain low calories and help you in keeping amount of calorie low.

The top 5 effective and healthy foods that are not only beneficial for health, but best if you want to lose weight include salmon, whole grains, soy, berries and green vegetables. Salmon is the best source of fatty acids and protein, and even helps in reducing blood cholesterol. Soy is rich in fiber, calcium, zinc, magnesium, fatty acids, iron and Vitamin B.

To Lose Weight Don’t Skip Your Meals

Eating small regular meals will help you in balancing the intake of calories per day, and even balance your blood glucose level.  Instead of consuming three big meals, you should try to consume about 6 small meals in a day. Most of the people skip their meals to lose weight, but skipping meals will only make them weak and also develop health problems.

Increase the Intake of Fresh Foods

Always try to buy foods which are fresh and avoid processed or package and also convenient foods like fast food. Try to stay away from convenient and packaged foods, because they are rich in sodium as well as fat content.

You can lose weight quickly by eating homemade lunch at work and avoiding outside foods. Maximum people love to eat outside without understanding, whether the food they are having is healthy or not.

Healthy Snacks

Lots of people eat healthy food during the lunch time, but also consume snacks which are not healthy or rich in sugar, fat and calories. Eating 6 smaller meals or just 3 smaller meals along with 3 snacks can help you burn calories faster in a whole day.

Make sure your snacks include fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, low fat cheese as well as whole wheat crackers.You should consume healthy snacks, which can help you to lose weight in 15 days.

Change Your Daily Habits

Involve more physical activities in your every day routine so that you can lose weight. Ride a bicycle or take a brisk walk to work and avoid driving. Take stairs rather than using elevator in the building.

By walking up the stairs you may burn approximately 8 calories in a minute, according to the weight of your body. Make your daily work more physical, this way you can burn down more calories so that you can lose weight.


Many gym trainers recommend about 30 to 60 minutes of regular physical activity per day to remain healthy. Also go for weight bearing workouts as this will burn down unwanted calories and help you to lose weight. After every 5 days make use of the scale to know your weight. Monitoring the weight of your body will make you aware and also give you more motivation to lose weight.

Enjoy Yourself

It is not necessary you have to join gym to lose weight. You can even burn calories by doing activities that you enjoy. Instead of doing formal exercise or running on treadmill, you will find it more simple and easy to perform enjoyable activities. Activities such as playing basketball, roller skating and other activities which you enjoy can burn calories.

Things to Remember

There are few things that you should remember if you want to lose weight in 15 days. If you are not able to complete full 60 minutes of exercise in just 1 session, then you can divide workout into shorter sessions. Never go for diet pills to lose weight in 15 days time.  Diet pills normally result in losing water weight and this can only give temporary results as well as this can be seriously dangerous.

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