Symptoms Of Uterus Cancer


The increased number of cancer cells on the tissue of uterus can lead to the effect of uterus cancer. It can also be referred as uterine cancer, womb of the cancer and endometrial cancer. The uterus cancer can start in the lining of the uterine. Muscle layer of the uterine can also be affected by this cancer. The type of cancer has to be determined to follow the proper treatment for uterus cancer. The treatment can be provided according to the age of the patient and severity of the disease. Understanding the symptoms of the disease can help women to treat the disease at the primary stage.

Symptoms Of Uterus Cancer

Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding can be an important symptom to determine the trace of uterine cancer. The symptoms of the disease can vary for both premenopausal women and postmenopausal women. Premenopausal Women with uterus cancer experience the irregular vaginal bleeding. Improper menstrual cycles can lead to abnormal and long periods. Postmenopausal women can be affected by the intermittent spotting or vaginal bleeding. It can also result as a white vaginal discharge. Hence, irregular vaginal bleeding can be considered as an early sign of uterine cancer. Women who are experiencing the symptom can access the medical care from experienced practitioners to control the disease at the primary stage.

Pelvic Pain

Small reproductive organ of the woman can be referred as uterus. Lower part of the abdomen can be called as pelvis where the uterus is located. Cancerous cells can affect the lining part of the uterus. Cancer cells can grow faster than the normal cells on the muscle or tissues of the uterus. When the number of cancer cells on the uterus increase, inflammation and irritation of the organ can also increase. Inflammation of the reproductive organ can elevate the pain of the pelvis. Experiencing pelvic pain can be one of the advanced uterus cancer symptoms. The pelvic pain of the affected woman can increase during sexual intercourse. Sensation of cramping can also be associated with the other symptoms of uterus cancer.

Weight Loss

Unintended weight loss in women can be advanced symptoms of uterus cancer. Pelvic pain can decrease the appetite of the affected person. As a result, the intake of the food can be reduced. Due to lack of energy and nutrients, the affected woman can attain a lean structure. Decreased appetite can elevate the symptoms of the weight loss. Sudden weight loss can be the early sign that should not be taken lightly. The earlier we identify the root cause, the easier it is to treat uterus cancer at the right time.

Painful Urination

Inflammation of the uterus can affect the nearby organs like bladder, urinary tract etc. It can let the affected women to experience difficulty or pain during urination. Urinary tract infection can increase the urinary pain as well. The urination pain can be elevated with the increased severity of disease. The growth of the cancer cells on the uterus can increase the burning sensation of urination.

Pain during Sexual Intercourse

Pain of the vagina can be increased at the time of sexual infection due to the infection of cancer cells on the uterus. Vaginal pain experienced during intercourse can be referred as dyspareunia. It can be the advanced symptom of uterus cancer at the early stage.

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