Symptoms and Signs Of Multiple Sclerosis In Women


Multiple sclerosis occurs is an inflammatory disease and it generally occurs in young adults ranging from twenty to fifty years of age.

Multiple sclerosis occurs is an inflammatory disease and it generally occurs in young adults ranging from twenty to fifty years of age. It occurs in women more than men.
When the nerve of the central nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord degenerates, this medical condition occurs. The myelin sheaths surrounding the axons of the brain are mainly affected.

It causes demyelination, and sometimes, scarring is observed. Myelin is a covering which provides insulation and proper conduction of impulses to the nerves become adversely affected and tend to disappear after you have been affected with multiple sclerosis.

This situation in turn affects the nerves of the spinal cord and the brain affecting their functions which controls the basic activity of a human like writing, reading, walking, speech, memory, etc.

The cause of the disease is still unknown, but scientists have discovered multiple sclerosis to be an auto-immune disease in which any foreign body like a virus alters the immune system so that the immune system of a body acts against its own system.

These diseases are generally known as auto-immune disease in which the myelin sheaths should be protected, but they identify the myelin sheaths to be intruders and attack them. As a result the nerves get demyelinated. During multiple sclerosis scarring is also observed by forming plaques.

Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis In Women:

The symptom of multiple sclerosis ranges from mild to severe forms. It appears in an individual depending upon the type of disease.

Neurological Symptoms

When you are affected with multiple sclerosis you are mostly prone to any form of neurological disease like numbness, coordination balance and also acute weakness.

They even suffer from dizziness, muscular spasms. This muscular spasm refers to contraction of muscles but involuntarily. They occur suddenly, usually during night when at sleep. These give immense pain to the portion contracted.

Often in multiple sclerosis your limbs become weak and you suffer from an unusual pain in you entire body. Fatigue-ness is another symptom of multiple sclerosis where a person may feel fatigue both mentally and physically. Fatigue is a term often used when a person feels tired, exhausted. They become lethargic and show acute signs of fatigueness.

A loss of sensation is also noticed when suffering from multiple sclerosis. You may not respond to certain stimuli or factors that affect you and should bring up a change in your expression. Expressing things may be difficult and you may lately realize about the facts and figures around you.

A loss of sensation also includes failure of quick registration of anything. For example, colors, catching up a view or even finding out any road. A speech impediment is observed when you try to say something. In short there might be problem in articulating words and grafting it one by one.

Mental changes can be noticed

You may face a lack of concentration to anything you hear. You may try to concentrate, but drift at the same moment. This happens during the period of attack. You may even not understand what is being said to you. A deficit of attention may arise when you are affected with multiple sclerosis.

You may try to seek attention and always be hyperactive with inattentiveness. Memory loss or dementia is also very common during multiple sclerosis. Specially when remembering any person’s name, keeping your belongings like your spectacles, TV remote, or the keys are very common in women suffering this disease.

Visual disturbances are common

When affected by multiple sclerosis women commonly face a vision problem, which is characterized by a patch of yellow to orange colored sight. You may also find everything to be blurred and with a grayish effect. This visual disturbance may only be found in any one of your eye that is monocular.

This vision problem generally occurs due to the inflammation in the optic nerves. This is known as optic neuritis which causes severe swelling and may even lead to blindness. The eye problem faced during multiple sclerosis is preceded by an eye-pain.

Other symptoms of multiple sclerosis

Other symptoms includes depression, which is characterized by immense lunatic behaviors like attempt to suicide, not having proper meals, insomnia, and not cooperating or communicating with the family members.

It may also give rise to manic depression, which is generally termed when a person has severe mood swings, repeated episodes of keeping quite and staying alone, becoming irritated on any issue, etc. You may also find that an unusual urge to laugh or weep uncontrollably. They even develop a thought process of intense fear or anxiety.

It is believed by the scientists that women have outnumbered men in suffering from multiple sclerosis due to increased number of women smoking cigarettes and taking oral contraceptive pills. During pregnancy women have fewer of attacks of multiple sclerosis and minimal symptoms.

The area of sexual intercourse is also adversely affected in women than men. Sex hormones play a major role in causing the disease in women, though other factors are also present in causing the disease more in women.

Is there any solution or treatment?

Treatment of multiple sclerosis aims at improvement of the pace of recovery from attacks. This is generally done by drugs or medicines. These drugs aim at specific symptoms and work accordingly. Initially corticosteroids like prednisone, methylprednisolone was used.

Nowadays interferon are used which are more specific for the immune system in treating multiple sclerosis. Interferon beta-1b was the first interferon discovered. For physical manifestations generally exercises, walkers, physiotherapy, orthotic equipment are of benefit.

For sexual dysfunction in women especially, vaginal gels or a vibrating device is used. For bladder dysfunction in women vitamin-c and cranberry juice is applied and certain anti –biotic are used. Amitriptyline is used as a drug in women for treating fatigue ness and emotional outbursts.

For future treatments ongoing researches are carried on. Scientists are trying hard to treat the disease by inventing something that will again generate the myelin sheaths if demyelination has occurred. They are also tying techniques to prevent the death of nerves and brain cells.

Other techniques which are yet to be used are progenitor cells that could be imparted into the spinal cord or the brain to compensate the missing cells. The impulses are also to be improved which travels over the damaged nerves and scientist may also give out a proper dietary chart to control the disease and its adverse effects.

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