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Sunburn Peeling Remedies


As much as we try to avoid it with the regular application of sunscreen, the beach umbrellas and the floppy hats, at least once in a summer, a day of fun in the sun can come to a crispy end. For our fair-skinned sisters who may be at a higher risk of burning, you can keep these tips bookmarked for all warmer seasons.

Sunburn Peeling Remedies are much sought after by all of us and this is especially so in summer. If you have been out in the sun for a long time, you are in for a painful experience.

Your skin comes off like peel and it burns a lot as it is replaced by newer and healthy skin underneath. This is the best way in which the body rids itself of the damaged and sun burnt skin. Yet, all of us want to stop this skin from peeling after sunburn.

Sunburn skin peeling is a necessary evil which most of us are in for at some point of time in our lives. This process of sunburn skin peeling is the body’s natural way of getting itself rid of damaged cells on the skin.

Stop the itch

At all costs, you should avoid scratching your skin when it’s peeling. You can actually do permanent damage to your skin in the form of scars. If you get the urge to scratch, the best thing to do is to use ice to dull the sensation. Put ice in a piece of soft cloth and gently place the cloth on top of the area of your skin that itches.

If you are experiencing sunburn skin peeling, then it means that your skin has actually been burned by the sun’s ultra violet rays. The skin cells have been so much damaged that they cannot be repaired and the only natural option for the body is to replace the skin with new skin from underneath the burnt layer. Under the sunburnt skin is new and healthy skin.

Sunburn and peeling are like cause and effect and the one necessitates the other. Exposure of your skin to the sun is sure to cause sunburn if you overdo it and in this sense, sunburn and peeling go hand in hand. Most people who are affected by sunburn and peeling, go in for common home remedies to sunburn and these are quite effective.

It is advisable to take showers and gently rub off the burnt skin. A mix of cocoa butter lotion and baby oil applied on the skin as soon as you have had your shower and once again just before you go to bed is likely to help your skin a lot. You should pat dry your skin after your shower with a soft towel and not rub it off. Apply moisturizing lotion which has aloe vera.

This will reduce breaking of the skin and will cool it. It also slows down the peeling. Drink fresh water for hydration. The skin will revive and repair itself. Do not scratch as this can form permanent scars. Apply an antibacterial ointment on the area where the skin has peeled. Apply ice if you feel itchy.

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel is one of the absolute best natural remedies for all types of burns and it certainly will help you to alleviate the pain of sunburn. If you don’t have an aloe vera plant, now is the time to get one. Not only is the gel great for burns, it’s also helpful for alleviating the itch from insect bites and stings.

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