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Skin Care Problems Of Babies


The most common skin problem that is faced by the babies is the diaper rash. Most of the babies suffer because of this issue and it arises because of the wet diapers that are left unchanged.

Sometimes these rashes are also sensitive to urine. There are times when the infection is a mild eczema and not a diaper rash. To cure diaper rash, give the baby a bath in warm water and pat dry the baby. Make sure you do not dress the baby immediately.

When the baby is exposed to air for some time, there would be wonders done to cure the problem faster. During the winter time, a blow drier can also be used when the baby is naked, however make sure the drier is on low. After these, apply some ointment such as the lanolin and then dress the baby.

Cradle crap or otherwise called Infantile Dermatitis Seborrheic is a red patch that later flakes off as yellow. This usually occurs on the skin that is present on babies head. This usually occurs in babies under the age of three months. This is of serious concern and this can occur due to the excess secretion of oil glands.

Use almond, olive or baby oil to rub on the affected area and make sure you keep it away from the ears and the eyes of the baby. Allow the oil to soak in before washing it off. When there is softness in the scales, use a comb to wipe them off. Later wash it with warm water and pat dry.

Repeat this process until the condition is completely gone. Another very common problem faced by the babies is eczema. It is very common among the toddlers and the most common is the atopic eczema that is itchy and completely red.

This is because of the lack of moisture or can be due to the presence of chemicals and various other temperature changes. In such cases, bathe the baby with warm water and make sure the moisture is retained in the baby’s skin.

Some of the treatments that are recommended are the Aloe Vera and the Lanolin treatments. However make sure they are not applied on the hands and face of the baby. Baby skin care is very important and hence it has to be looked into by the parents carefully and consciously.

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