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Best Exercises To Shape Up Your Breasts


Some might think that the only way to increase the breast size or to enlarge breasts to the desired size is through putting on weight or undergoing a surgical procedure, such as breast implants. Nevertheless, there is another option, which is now available that is easy and cheap and that is exercising to firm up your breasts and work out on your chest muscles, to add size to your breasts. Firming up your breasts improves their shape too.  The pectoral or chest muscles are located right under your breasts. Their form determines the perkiness and firmness of your breasts. A diligent exercise routine would tone the breasts in about 6-8 weeks, without any special equipment.

Types of Breast Exercises

You can take on various types of exercises to firm up your chest muscles, for better looking breasts. Although there are various types of exercises to firm up your breast shape, it is your decision to choose the ones you like and are effective for you. It may take some time to obtain the desired results. However, remember that when you work out, every exercise requires patience and determination for a certain period, before results come on. You can perform these exercises in the comfort of your home, alone or with another partner for company.

Push Ups

The first type is to perform push- ups in a different way. Lie face down while bending your knees and crossing your ankles. Bend your elbows, with your palms at your side, positioned slightly in front, away from your shoulders. Straighten your arms slowly as you push your body up, with your body weight mostly on your knees and palms for balance.

At the same time, keep your chin bent, pointing to your chest, with the forehead aligned to the floor. With your abs tight and elbows bent, lower your whole body to the floor slowly until your upper arms reach the floor. Then push up again slowly without bobbing your head or locking your elbows.

Another simple exercise is to use the dumbbell press. Soup cans are an alternative. Lie back holding a dumbbell in your hands, with the feet flat on the floor. Now, move the dumbbells or soup cans over your shoulders, with your palms positioned outward. Make sure to pull back your stomach muscles gently, with a flat back and stomach.

Keep your chin bent inwards pointing to your chest. Now, lower down the dumbbells or soup cans to your side letting your elbows touch the floor slightly. You must try to push the cans up once more without having your shoulders locked or come up the floor. It is important to have your dumbbells to be of the same weight.

As you get used to the current weight, you can add on extra weight to increase the load, for better challenge. You can fill up the soup cans to increase the weight.Whichever exercises you plan to undertake should conform as the right type to firm your breasts. Otherwise, you may get hurt.

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