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Remove Dark Spots


Everyone wants a flawless, spotless, shiny skin that will draw everyone’s attention. That is why when a dark spot appear on skin, it is really embarrassing as well as depressing.

Black spots are also called as hyper pigmentation in which patches of a skin turn darker than the surrounding skin area. Causes of hyper pigmentation can be many – skin infection, sun burn, liver disease, acne, thyroid disorder etc. Whatever may be the reason people do not want a dark spot and naturally they want to remove it at any cost.

Nowadays to remove dark spots very quickly chemical face peel or laser treatment are being used. They are very expensive treatment and may welcome several side effects. So it is better to opt the natural path to cure black spots. It may take comparatively longer time but will have no side affects. Moreover this process is cheap and the products that are used in this treatment are easily available.

It is called prevention is better than cure. So always use sun guard lotion on skin when you are out in the sun to prevent sunburn. In the time of treatment also use that lotion to prevent any further black spot. To remove already present black spots, take special and immediately care.

Grate one potato and strain its juice. Potato juice has a power to fade any spot. Dab potato juice all over your face 2-3 times daily and let it dry. To enhance its power you may add few drops of lemon juice to it. Lemon juice is acidic and can remove spots. Mix lemon juice and honey or lemon juice and sugar and apply that on your skin.

Rub the product over the spots and keep it for at least 30 minutes. Practice this method everyday and get a spotless skin very soon. Green coconut water is excellent to remove dark spots. Soak cotton in it and apply coconut water on your skin again and again. Do this everyday and see what change has come on your skin.

Orange juice and orange outer rind are effective to remove spot naturally. Castor oil is found to be quite effective to make the skin blemish free. Milk and any type of milk product such as butter, yogurt, etc. also help to lighten spots.

Follow these methods sincerely and get benefited soon.

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