Reasons For Delayed Period


We know that whenever you miss your period, the first thing that comes to your mind is- Am I pregnant?

We know that whenever you miss your period, the first thing that comes to your mind is- “Am I pregnant?” This is probably the first question that hits your mind even if you are sure that pregnancy can not be the reason!

You rush to the chemist’s store and get a home pregnancy test done, only to find that you are not pregnant! Some of you may even try it more than once just to ensure that it’s showing correct results but every time you end up with a negative answer.

So, why are you not menstruating even when it’s the right time? Is there anything wrong with your reproductive system? Read through the following paragraphs to know about the other reasons that might be responsible for your delayed period or lengthy menstrual cycle if your menstrual cycle is occurring every 35 days or more).

Mental pressure

Stress or mental pressure can be responsible for many physical problems. Menstruation is one of them. When a woman is going through tremendous amount of mental pressure or physical stress, her body may find it difficult to produce those hormones that are needed for carrying out the process of menstruation. In such a situation it is very important for every woman to visit her gynecologist and take the help of medicines, if need be.


If you’ve been sick for a few days at a stretch then it may result into stoppage of periods for some time. This is not a very serious issue and can be treated easily. So, don’t get tensed if you are running on a high temperature but not menstruating even if the d-day has arrived. This might happen temporarily due to the sickness.

Changing of body clock

If you change your schedules drastically, then your body encounters a lot of difficulties in functioning properly. Sudden change in your dinner and lunch time (or something similar to that) may affect your body clock which may lead to delayed period.

Strong medication

Sometimes it becomes necessary for us to take strong medicines to cure any serious sickness. As a result of the intake of these heavy dose medicines, your menstrual cycle may become longer.

Weight issues

If you are overweight then your body may encounter hormonal imbalance, resulting into delayed menstruation. This can even lead to infertility. So, it is advisable to loose some weight if you want to have normal menstrual cycle.

Being underweight can also be a reason for absence of periods. Our body needs to have some amount of fat in it; otherwise it may result into irregular periods or even amenorrhea. Anorexic women, women who workout vigorously and sportswomen may suffer a lot form missed period problem.


Are you heading towards menopause? If yes, then this might be the probable reason for absent or delayed period. Menopause can occur due to many artificial reasons too, these are chemotherapy, hysterectomy etc.

Thyroid disease

If you are a patient of thyroid disease then you may have delayed periods as thyroid disease causes hormonal imbalance in the body which results in absence of periods, stress and weight gain.

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