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Natural Home Remedies For Plantar Warts

Natural Home Remedies For Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are painful growths on the bottom of the feet. They are ugly to look at and make walking with a normal gait difficult. The growths are a result of rapid multiplication of a virus found mainly in between the toes of the feet.

The virus is human paillomavirus and is commonly found in children between the ages 12 and 16. The virus causes the skin cells to multiply quicker than their normal rate. This multiplication leads to formation of warts on the sole.

Here are the natural home remedies for Plantar Warts

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

For Curing Plantar Warts At Home You Will Need

  • A round basin to soak feet in
  • Medicated cotton wool
  • Adhesive tape or bandages
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Vaseline
  • Foot scrub or pumice stone

Pour warm water in the basin and soak your affected foot in it for 5-7 minutes. Throw away the water. Warm about four cups of apple cider vinegar and pour it in the basin. Soak the plantar wartwell in the vinegar for around 20 minutes. Remove the foot and dry it gently on a clean towel. Put the towel for wash. Do not reuse it without washing. The virus from the wart is transferred to the towel and can affect the person who uses it next.

Take a dollop of Vaseline and spread it nicely on the area surrounding the wart. Do not apply the Vaseline on the wart. If you do not have Vaseline you can use glycerin or coco butter on the surrounding skin. This is done to protect the healthy skin from the harsh treatment that will follow.

With the help of a pumice stone or a foot scrub gently start massaging the wart. Do not massage for more than 30 seconds. Take care not to break open the wart. A simple rub of 30 seconds will scrape off a few edges so as to allow vinegar to soak in.

Now take a medicated cotton ball and dip it in apple cider vinegar. Squeeze the ball lightly and gently press in on the wart. This will cause a stinging sensation but don’t remove the cotton. Secure it safely on the wart using an adhesive tape. If you plan on walking around then wrap your foot with a bandage or a duct tape to secure the cotton ball safely on the wart.

Leave the cotton on for at least 12 hours. Repeat the treatment after every 12 hours for two weeks. Three to four days after you begin the treatment the wart will start darkening in color. At the end of two weeks the wart will start coming out of the skin and ultimately fall off. It is important to continue with the treatment for a week after the wart disappears. This will discourage any reappearance and also heal the skin on the affected area.

Don’t forget to wash your hands after touching the wart. Take care not to touch the area surrounding the wart as this can cause the infection to spread further.

Treatment With Banana Peel

Treatment With Banana Peel

You Will Require

  • Peel of a ripe banana
  • One spoon
  • A bottle of salicylic acid
  • Cotton ball
  • Duct tape

In a foot basin pour some warm water and soak the affected foot for 5 minutes. Remove foot and throw away the water. Dry the foot using a soft tissue and throw away the tissue. Take the banana peel and start scraping the inside of the peel using a spoon. You should have a teaspoon of the white substance from the banana peel. The inside of the peel is rich in potassium which is known to fasten the healing of skin problems like plantar warts, corns and calluses.

Take a medium sized cotton ball and pour a few drops of salicylic acid on it. Now place the banana peel scrape on the wart and massage it gently. This will allow the healing properties of the peel to penetrate the wart. Don’t rub in the peel on the wart. Place the salicylic acid soaked cotton ball on the wart. Secure the cotton in place using a duct tape.

his will allow you freedom to walk without disturbing the placement of the medicated cotton ball.  Leave the cotton on for 5-6 hours. Remove and wash the foot with a solution of white vinegar. Repeat the treatment after a couple of hours. The treatment should be done twice a day for around seven days.

When the plantar wart starts changing color to white and begins moving out it indicates that the wart will fall off. Wash your foot with salicylic acid solution for three to four days after the plantar wart goes away. This will ensure that the plantar wart does not reappear.

Treatment With Vitamin C Tablets

Treatment With Vitamin C Tablets

Take three to four tablets of Vitamin C and crush them. Mix them with about a teaspoon of water. Apply this mixture directly on the affected area. Place a clean and medicated cotton wool on the treated wart. Wrap with the help of a medicated gauge or duct tape. Using a duct tape is more comfortable than using medicated gauze. Leave on for a couple of hours. Remove the cotton and soak foot in apple cider vinegar for ten minutes. Repeat the treatment. The treatment should be done at least thrice a week.

In a couple of days’ time the wart will start turning white. This is an indication that the multiplication of skin cells has stopped and they are dying. Under no circumstances should you try and cut the plantar wart. Not only do you stand the risk of injuring yourself, the plantar wart will also recur. In order to keep the wart from recurring it is important to finish it off completely from the root. Simply cutting the wart does not do so.

Visit a podiatrist if you are unable to treat the plantar wart at home and if it starts bleeding. The podiatrist normally uses laser or an electric needle to cut the wart from your foot. He will prescribe application of cream Aldara to discourage re-growth of the wart.

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