Meditation Methods For Curing Diseases


Since ages the benefits of mediation have shown wonderful results in curing a lot of ailments. Meditation is a way by which the mind, body and soul gains immensely. It is a practice which is connected to the brain and regulates its working and soothing of nerves and muscles and promoting wellness.

The main objective of meditation is to regulate the circulation of blood throughout the body in a balanced and smooth way and relax the tired body.

The technique of meditation is quiet simple and can be done by anybody, irrespective of age or sex. But, you can get additional benefits from meditation too, if you practice it in right method and apply certain acupressure techniques with it. Hence, here we will see some of the mot important meditation forms along with the postures and techniques that are supposed to be followed, together with the benefits that they provide in curing a lot of the diseases and health disorders.

Role of fingers in meditation

Fingers play an important role in acupressure as well as meditation. It is believed that each of the fingers represent five basic elements of the world – the earth, the fire, the sky, the water, the wind. The thumb represent fire, the pointer finger represents the wind, the middle finger denotes the sky, the ring finger stands for the earth and the small finger represents the water. They regulate a person’s constitution, health and mind. Hence, regulated and recommended levels of pressure on these fingers, is believed to solve several related disorders.

Meditation form no. 1

This mudra is called ‘Dhyanamudra’.

Sit straight on a flat ground. Keep your spine erect and your legs should be folded in such a way that they are placed one over the other and the knees will be on either side of the body. Keep your hands straight and placed over your knees. Now, fold your pointer finger in such a way that the tip of the same finger touches the tip of the thumb. Thus, you create a contact between the ‘wind’ and the ‘fire’.
Put in a bit of pressure on the tips of the fingers and hold on to the position for sometimes while you keep your mind calm and relaxed and meditate in a concentrative way. Maintain yourself in the position for about 15 to 20 seconds and then release.

Health benefits of this form of meditation

This way of meditation is effective in increasing the concentration power of the mind. People suffering from insomnia will get immensely benefited. Children with lack of attention and decreased memory are advised to meditate it in regular manner to improve their mind power.

Meditation form no. 2

This meditation form is known as ‘Apaan Vayu mudra’.

The basic structure of this meditation remains almost the same. Sit in a relaxed posture, by folding your legs and placing them one over the other. The knees must not touch each other and you must keep your spine and your head straight.

Place your arms firmly on either of your knees on each side and close your eyes gently. Now fold three of your fingers of each of your palms – the pointer finger, the ring finger and the middle finger. Place them in such a way that your middle and your ring fingers touch the tip of your thumb, while your pointer finger touches the base of your thumb. Hence, by this form you are citing a connection of the ‘fire’ with ‘sky’ and ‘earth’, together with suppressing the ‘wind’ power.

Put a little pressure to your fingers during the exercise and calm down your mind. Drive away all the tensions and concentrate on something good. Meditate in this position for 25 to 30 seconds and then release slowly.

Health benefits of this meditation form

Meditating in this form is very beneficial for people suffering from high cholesterol in blood. It helps in reducing cholesterol level in blood stream with regular practice. People suffering form hypertension are immensely benefited by following this method in a regimented way. Cardiac problem are also cured by this. People suffering from asthma and subsequent headache are also benefited by this style of meditation. We often suffer from sudden feeling of flatulence. Doing this meditation form during such conditions relieves gas immediately and improves conditions of internal unrest.

Meditation form no. 3

This meditation style is known as ‘Shivamudra’

The posture of this form of meditation is slightly different from the above two. When planning to do this meditation form, sit in a position, such that your legs are folded in the backward direction and kept in such a way that your knees are in the front and your feet are placed just below your hips. Sit firmly over your folded legs, keeping your spine straight and your head erect.

Now, bend your arms from your elbows in such a way that your elbows protrude out of your body and the fingers of one of your hands criss-cross and clench to that of your other hand. Then, raise your left thumb and put it firmly over your right thumb and pointer finger. Keep the rest of our fingers in the posture mentioned.

Next, close you eyes, take deep breathe and concentrate your mind on a positive thing that will promote wellness of mind, body and soul. Remain in the meditative session for not more than 10 seconds at a stretch. Finally release.

Health benefits of this meditation form

This way of meditating is one of the most powerful forms. It is said that this is an excellent form to control obesity and associated problems that are results of over weight. It strengthens the power and immunity of the lungs. So people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis and other such diseases related to lungs are greatly benefited by it. Those who are suffering from chronic cough and cold and sinus attacks are also profited by this form of meditation. It also promotes and generates internal warmth. So, it is especially helpful for the old people during cold weather, to fight the subsequent health disorders and problems they face during that season.

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