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Makeup Tips For Oily Skin


People have a wrong notion that oily skin do not need make up because it will make one look more oily especially in hot and humid weather.

But it is not true.  Oily skin has its own makeup solution. You can make oily skin look beautiful and fresh with the help of makeup that too in this summer.

Best Tips Of Makeup For Oily Skin

Clear your Skin

Apply foundation always on clear skin. Clean your face with face wash before application of any types of foundation.

Rub Ice

Do not for get to rub ice on your face and neck before applying the foundation. ice helps to control the oil secretion of sebum gland.

Apply Astringent

Apply astringent or toner on your face before applying the foundation. It also controls the oil secretion of skin. Mint, tea tree or cucumber astringent is best for oily skin.

Application of Foundation

Mix few drops of water with your foundation. Mix well and dab it on every part of your skin. Use fingers to mix foundation over your skin. Do not apply a big amount of foundation at a time. Apply little amount at a time otherwise there may be heaps of foundation on certain areas. Rub fingers on your face and neck gently till it is spread on your skin properly.

Sprinkle Loose Powder

After application of foundation, you need to sprinkle loose face powder, a shade lighter on your skin. Sprinkle properly. Then with a round brush, brush your skin to remove the excess loose powder. This process will make your skin dry absorbing the oil of your skin.

Talcum Powder

Sprinkle talcum powder allover your body and also on face and neck to give a matte finish on your skin.

Clean Cotton Cloth

Wear cotton cloths because air can circulate through the porous cotton material and keeps you cool and sweat free.

Drink Water

Drink water in adequate amount and bathe regularly to keep your skin cool and oil free.

Apply Compact

Apply compact, after application of the loose powder. Compact should be of same shed. Choose matte finish compact so that it will add no further oil. Apply compact properly over your face and neck. Do not ignore the ear lobe and the nose corner. Compact helps to bring a dry and satin finish on your skin.

Powder Blusher

Apply powder blusher after applying the compact on your chicks and chin to make them prominent.

Shine Less Eyshadow

To decorate your eyes apply non glossy dry eyshadow and eyeliner.

Matte Lipstick and no Lip-Gloss

To make your lips prominent apply matte finish lipstick on your lips. Do not use lip gloss on your lips. It makes your skin looks oilier.

Buy the Proper Makeup Products

The first thing what you have to do is to buy the lighter variety of your makeup. A complete makeup process needs foundation, compact, blusher, eyshadow and eyeliner. You will get oily free variety of all those products. Go to the market and buy water based foundation, matte finish compact, powder blusher and eye shadow.

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