6 Major Causes For Underactive Thyroid In Women


Most of the women face a common problem, which is nothing but thyroid gland infection. There are different types of thyroid infection that occurs in women, either by high secretion or low secretion of hormones. Underactive thyroid in women is a frequently occurring issue, which is caused as a result of less secretion of hormones.

In medical terms, it is known as hypothyroidism, which doesn’t have any serious medical complications and can be easily treated. It is important for women to take proper medicines according to physician’s advice that provides utmost relief from under production of thyroid. Hence, it is necessary for women to contact doctors as early as possible to overcome the complications of thyroid under secretion.

Thyroid glands are responsible for secretion of a hormone called thyroxine in the body. This hormone helps in controlling how much energy a person’s body can use in doing respective action. If there is any sluggishness in the production of thyroxine, entire body system gets malfunctioned that affects the entire body with ease. Under production of thyroxine cannot be stopped and prevented, as it happens suddenly. There are many causes for the production of underactive thyroid in women, as per the list below.

Causes for Underactive Thyroid In Women

Immune System

The main causes for this issue is because of immune system attack on thyroid and if thyroid has been damaged by other aspects. Even a viral infection and drug have the effect in reducing the production of thyroid hormone to an extent. It is necessary for people to do proper exercise and follow proper diet for improving the secretion of thyroxine.

Hashimoto’s Disease

Hashimoto’s disease is also plays critical role in under generation of thyroid hormone that has to be treated as such.

Low Iodine Content

People who have low iodine content in the body will also have the problem of underactive thyroid. Since, iodine is important component for generating thyroxine in the body.

Heart Disorders

Heart disorders and depression is also a major cause for this under secretion that puts a halt in producing the hormone.

Pituitary Gland

If there is any defect and issue in pituitary gland, then it will result in creating underactive thyroid situation. This gland is present near the brain that helps in regulation the thyroid gland. Hence, if any damage and defect in pituitary will act against thyroid gland activities resulting in under secretion of hormone.

Under Development of Fetus

New born baby, whose thyroid has not grown well inside mother’s womb, will also result in thyroid deficiency complications. Few common symptoms for underactive thyroid in women are weight gain, depression and tiredness, which keep them dull and sleepy most of the time. They will also have signs of dry hair and skin, aches at the muscles and high cold sensitiveness that makes them restless in carrying out various responsibilities.

These simple signs will lead to huge and dramatic health constraint for people, so it has to be treated by contacting respective health physician available nearby. Drugs such as levothyroxine help in stimulating hormone production in the body, thereby overcoming low thyroxine issues. It is important for patients, to consume this drug as per doctor’s prescription and duration, as there are chances of over secretion of thyroid hormone, which might lead to new medical health risks.

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