Back Ache – Common Causes


For many people, back pain seems like an unavoidable discomfort. But you may have more control than you think. Backache is a problem which is being faced by many people across the globe. It can prove to be quite distressing as continuous pain in the back could hamper our day to day activities, making it difficult for us to walk or move around. There are different types of backache that a man may face ranging from mild backaches to a really severe one.

Backache can take place in our body due to various reasons. It is possible that the nerves and their tissues that are found in our back get compressed by the bones of the spine. This can trigger off the pain from the discs that are located in our back. There are a few causes of back pain which lead to this painful and uncomfortable situation.

They can affect a specific area or the whole back. Continuous aching or a feeling of stiffness surrounds the back of a person and he is unable to move around or do simple chores easily. The person also feels pain in the back and is unable to lift objects which may be a little heavy. He may be unable to sit or stand at one position for a long time and may find it difficult to stand straight at any point of time.

Back Ache Causes

Lumbar herniated disc

Sciatica describes the symptoms caused when a nerve root in the lower spine is compressed, causing pain and numbness to travel along the large sciatic nerve that serves the buttocks, legs and feet.

Lifting Heavy Weight

Studies suggest that people who work in such an environment where they have to lift a lot of heavy weight items everyday or walk with heavy things are more likely to get backache which can prove to be quite painful. While lifting weights, one has to be very careful and should always take someone’s assistance if he is unable to lift the item alone. Lifting heavy items put a strain on your muscles and can cause pain in the back.


A common cause of backpain is found to be spondylosis. As we grow old, the moisture and volume from our intervertebral discs gets reduced and also makes the disc lessen in height. Under this condition, if a person gets slightly hurt, the back area swells up and puts pressure on the nerves. This can cause a lot of pain in the back, especially the lower area.

Herniated Disc

It so happens that people who involve themselves in extremely strenuous activities like sports, vigorous exercises or weightlifting make a repeated motion in the back.

They may also face a strong strain in the back along with a lot of pressure which can result in a herniated disc. This causes backache as the nerve roots in the spine’s canal experience increased pressure.

Wrong Posture

Possessing a wrong or poor posture in our daily activities can lead to backache in the future. It has been seen that people who tend to slouch or lie down on sofas all the time, hunch or bend while driving or working and lean on something while standing are more prone to backache. Such kinds of people suffer from backache at a very early age in life.

The pain is not easy to cure and may have serious effects on the person. It is always advisable to stand, sit or do any activity after owning a good posture as this will prevent backache or any similar problem. It is very important to sit straight all times.


Accidents may cause harm to the muscles and joints in our body which can cause backache. A person may also use a specific body part in excess, which might put a lot of strain on the person’s back, injuring it. Here, it is strongly advised that the person should take immediate and prolonged rest and refrain from doing any activities till the backache reduces.


The vertebrae in the back may get fractured due to external and heavy force. This can have a direct affect on the spine or even compress it causing major backache. The kind of rest or treatment that a person may have to undergo solely depends on the intensity of the facture. A person can be advised full bed rest in most cases till the bones join again and heal completely.

Infection From Bacteria

The spine receives bacteria from the bloodstream and this bacterium is capable of causing an infection in the back. The bones, spinal cord and discs get seriously affected due to this and cause backache to occur. If the body is already carrying the infection in some other part or the individual does drugs, then the infection may find its way to the back. Also during a surgery or injury any person could be exposed to the infection which may be then carried to all or some parts of the body.

Spinal Tumor

It so happens that there may be growth detected in the spine’s bones and ligaments which may lead to the backache. Also the spinal cord or the roots of the nerves could face such extra-ordinary growths which could trigger off pain in the back. They need immediate medical attention and should be treated at the earliest.


This is a condition which is seen more in elderly people than young ones. If a person suffers from this disease, the joints which are smaller in size and found in the spine can get severely affected and cause back pain. If the hips region in our body gets affected due to osteoarthritis, it could alter our way of walking forever and cripple us. A person is often seen to be limping when suffering from this disease. This limping can cause permanent backache and may require surgical intervention.

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