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Lumps On The Breast With Blood


Formation of breast lumps is a relatively common occurrence among women who are in their reproductive age. Breast lumps are sometimes accompanied by discharge from the nipples. The discharge can be whitish, coloured or even blood stained.

While most women are bound to get scared with such occurrences, the truth is that in eighty percent of the cases, the reason could be a harmless breast cyst or lump or an infection which can be taken care of using medications.

Causes Of Lumps With Bloody Discharge

There are many cause that can cause breast lumps and the causes can be harmless or life threatening depending on the diagnosis. However, most breast lumps are not a matter of great concern and can be dismissed after a simple physical examination. The causes range from hormonal imbalances, clogged ducts, abscesses and in some cases, cancer as well.

Types Of Blood Filled Lumps

Blood Blisters

Blood blisters are termed as such because they are formed when the blood vessels underneath the skin are damaged. These blisters appear on the skin on the breast and will be filled with fluid. The damaged blood vessel causes the blood to get trapped between the two layers forming the skin. If such a blister appears on the breast, it is important not to attempt to break it. It will burst on its own and drain the fluid. Most of the time blood blisters are a result of wearing bras that are tight. Until the blister bursts and heals, it is advisable not to wear bras.


Cysts are lump formations on the breast that are filled with fluid or blood. They are mostly benign in nature and hence not very dangerous. But they may cause pain and swelling in the breast and sometimes discharge from the nipples. This is especially worse during menstruation as lumps are basically formed when there is hormone fluctuation in the body.

Cysts can be formed inside the breasts or on the surface of the skin. They are very common among women who are in the age group of 20-50 years. Women who undergo hormone replacement therapy after menopause too can get cysts.


Tumours can be cancerous and non cancerous. If you have lumps that cause pain and swelling along with breast tenderness and pain and bloody discharge from the nipples, it can either be a cyst in the breast or an infected breast due to abscesses and mastitis during lactation. There are also chances of it being a cancerous tumour. Lumps caused due to infections can be rectified through antibiotics and sometimes through draining.

When the lump in the breast and the bloody discharge is due to cancer, you might have to go through a lumpectomy or mastectomy based on the size of the tumour and how far it has spread. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy follows.

Breast lumps with bloody discharge can also be due to cancer. This is why it is recommended to check the lump and ensure that it is indeed a harmless one. Lumps due to breast cancer can easily be treated when they are discovered early enough.

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