Weight Loss

Loose Weight and Get a Sexy Figure


To get a sexy figure it is very important that you possess no flab in your body and especially around your waist and tummy.  It would not matter much if you possess some fat in your thighs as this part of the body can be covered with different type of clothes but tummy and waist are two such areas that if there is fat around these areas, you can not hide it at all with any type of clothes.

So, it becomes important that you loose weight if you want to get in shape. But how do you think is it possible to loose weight when we all have so tough schedule that we do not even get enough time to sleep. Well, everything is possible and you necessarily do not need to do many alterations with your time schedule.

To loose weight, first very important thing is that your stomach gets cleaned up properly and that you have regular bowel movements. When you do not have regular bowel movements, the food that is undigested by your body remains inside only and converts to fat. Constipation is one of the major reasons why we have Drink loads fat around our belly. pf water and liquids to get rid of it.

It is not compulsory that you drink two glass of water at a time but through out the day, you must maintain an intake of at least ten glass of water on a regular basis. This would help in eliminating all the harmful toxins in the body in form of urine and would also soften the hardened food inside so that it can pass out from your body.

Apart from all this, it is important that you do some physical workout daily. Fifteen minutes is good enough on an average basis. If you do not possess time for exercise them you can do these things. Always take stairs instead of lift and escalators and take a ten minutes walk after every three to four hours between your office work. Avoid junk food as much as you can and take a proper eight hours nap at night.

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