Life After Spleen Removal

Life After Spleen Removal

Spleen is an important organ of the body. It plays several important body functions. It is associated with the immune system of the body. White blood cells that fight invading germs and prevent infections are produced in the spleen. This organ of our body also helps to filter the damaged white blood cells from the blood. Blood and platelets are stored in the spleen.

Spleen removal

Certain factors could sometimes damage the spleen. Enlarged spleen can cause severe health complications. To treat the complication, removal of spleen or splenectomy might become necessary. Injury to the spleen that ruptures the organ would necessitate removal of the spleen.

Living without a spleen

Although one can lead a perfectly normal life without a spleen, the risk of suffering from infection rises immensely. After a spleen removal surgery, your doctor will prescribe a series of vaccinations for preventing a long list of life threatening ailments. You must take vaccines that would protect your against pneumonia, meningitis and haemophilus (Hib) infections. You should take care while traveling away from home.

After splenectomy, it is advisable to avoid tropical countries, where you could develop malaria from mosquito bite. The weakened immunity of your body might not fight the malarial parasites. While traveling, you should carry important antibiotic medications, especially if you are traveling in a remote location where it might be difficult to access medical services instantly. You should take precautions while traveling in the wilderness. After spleen removal, you might have a greater risk of developing complications from infection caused by deer tick bite. Dog bites could also be fatal for a person after spleen removal surgery.

If you become extremely susceptible to infections following a spleen removal surgery, your doctor might recommend intake of antibiotic medications for life. Even minor infections, if left unattended, could cause severe complications in people without spleen. Occasionally, after spleen removal people experience fatigue. Getting enough sleep, at least for eight to nine hours everyday, could help to treat fatigue. If you believe that depression, which might occur after the operation, is causing fatigue, you should consult your physician. You can take Siberian ginseng to improve the quality of your life after spleen removal.

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