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Instant Glow for Oily Skin


Skin care is essential for personality. Oily skin or dry skin, both have their share of problems. While oily skin becomes a pathway for skin problems like acne, dull complexion, pimples, etc the dry skin could cause patches, brittleness, etc. no matter how many skin care products you apply to get natural shine, the skin texture and problems does not go away. However,

Home Remedies For Oily Skin


The first beneficial home remedy for oily face is using yoghurt. This alone acts as a miracle for oily skin in many ways. Just when you wake up, apply it over face and massage with it.

When it dries up, wash off with the help of cold water. Another home remedy that could be tried out for oily skin is mixture of yoghurt, oats, honey and powdered almonds.

Take appropriate amounts of them and mix well to get semi solid paste of them. Apply over the face for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. Both these home remedies provide clear skin and helps to remove layer of oil and dirt.

Seasonal Fruit

Summers create major skin problems, especially for people with oily skin. It promotes sweat, oil, dirt and pollution because of which the skin’s texture gets even worse.

To deal with the summers, one can make use of seasonal fruit water melon. Applying a piece of it and rubbing for 5 minutes over face could give you internal glow.

It helps to remove the oil from face. Just do this process in the morning and carry fresh face all throughout the day. Cucumber is also very beneficial for people with oily skin. it gives face a charming glow. Apart from dealing with oily face, it reduces dark circles.

Lemonade Drinks and Coconut Water

Drinking loads of lemonade drinks and coconut water also helps to bring coolness. Applying milk over face could be a natural cleansing process of face. Just take a cotton ball and dip it in milk.  Clean face with it and get rid of oily skin. so do try out these home remedies meant for oily skin.

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