Preventive Medicines for Diabetes

Diabetes treatment

There are two types of diabetes, one that is curable and another that is non curable. The former is known as type 2 diabetes and the latter is known as type 1 diabetes. Diabetes takes a non-preventive form when the body completely stops producing and responding to insulin.

Type 2 diabetes is preventable as either the pancreas are producing insulin but the body isn’t able to take advantage of it or may be insulin is not being produced in enough quantity but the body is responding to insulin. This type of diabetes is common across the globe in about 85-90% of patients reporting diabetes.

Well, if it is preventable then why aren’t we preventing it? There are medicines which help prevent diabetes. However certain simple efforts from our end would play a vital role in preventing diabetes. A brief discussion on these simple efforts is extremely important before we move on to the medication.

Basic Life Style Changes To Prevent Diabetes

When one talks about Diabetes the first thing that comes to mind is weight. One has to take all possible measures to controlling their weight. This warning applies to younger children also who are overweight. One also has to take adequate measures to lower the cholesterol level and ensure normal blood pressure.

One must indulge in good physical activities like morning walk, jogging, swimming or other work out regimes or sports which keep you away from Diabetes and other health problems too. In case you have a family history of being overweight or diabetic, then you should take immediate steps to prevent the same.

Smoking and consumption of alcohol should be avoided. Nutritious, low fat, healthy diet should be adopted. Do remember that a healthy lifestyle benefits you in many ways in the long run!

Medications To Prevent Diabetes Include


High blood sugar level can be controlled by oral doses of Metformin. Controlling your sugar level helps prevent kidney damage, liver damage, blindness, nervous breakdown etc.

Metformin not only controls the amount of sugar generated it also ensures that only the right amount is absorbed by the body. Metformin doses may differ according to individual requirement but usually restricted to 1-3 a day. One must combine the above mentioned lifestyle changes along with Metformin for the best results.

Alpha-glucosidase Inhibitors

As is clear from the name these medicines are inhibitors of glucose in the body. Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors prevent the absorption of excess carbohydrates by the body.

Thus controlling blood sugar levels because we know carbohydrates are broken down into simpler sugar ready to be absorbed by the intestine.


These medicines are known to be effective in controlling blood sugar levels. They are specifically known to boost the body’s ability to respond to insulin. They are important in restricting the liver in transporting stored sugar.


Sulfonylurea is primarily known for its role in enhancing insulin release from pancreas and thus helps in lowering blood sugar levels. Oral doses of Sulfonylurea are available. One may also use this in combination with Metformin after consulting the doctor.

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