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How To Treat Restless Legs Syndrome


Restless legs syndrome is a very strange disorder which involves restlessness in some parts of the body, most commonly the legs. But it can affect other body parts like arms also.

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a condition that ranges from a creepy-crawly sensation that runs up and down your legs to quivers, jerks, pins and needles, numbness, pain or a burning sensation. Restless legs syndrome is a very strange disorder which involves restlessness in some parts of the body, most commonly the legs. But it can affect other body parts like arms also. This condition occurs when a person sits or lies down for sometime. Some level of inactivity for a certain period of time leads to restlessness in some parts of body and the same creates an urge to move that particular party of the body.

This restlessness in legs or other parts of the body is accompanied by a strange and unpleasant sensation which is almost unexplainable. Some people refer to this sensation as unpleasantly itchy and tickling. Moving those affected areas makes the strange sensation of restless fade away.

This disorder can disrupt your sleeping pattern and cause immense amount of discomfort. The strange sensations as a result of restless legs syndrome, starts as soon as you hit the bed for sleep or even rest. The worst part is, these strange feelings disappear only when you get up and move around or walk for a while. You will feel better in no time but as soon as you get back to bed to get some sleep, these sensations come crawling back again. The cycle goes on and on disturbing you, throughout the night. Lack of sleep can make you feel tired and drowsy throughout the day, hence disrupting your whole day.

This disorder might seem strange and rare, but lot of people around the globe are estimated to suffer from this order. The symptoms of this disorder are hard to explain. Some people call it itchy and ticklish while few other experience cramps and pain also. A number of factors are known to cause restless legs syndrome. People with a history of this disease in their family are known to be prone to restless legs syndrome.

Stress and tensions are also associated with this disease. Certain nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy in women can also lead to restless legs syndrome. People who are overweight also stand at high risk of developing restless legs syndrome. Whatever be the cause of this disorder, you must ensure that you get rid of this condition at the earliest. Here are a few tips that will help you deal with restless legs syndrome.

Effective Tips To Overcome Restless Legs Syndrome

Walk before bed

Don’t do anything too aerobic, because that will keep you up. Just take a nice, quiet stroll around the block before you turn in.

Massage Your Feet

Massaging your feet or other affected areas with any oil of your choice for sometime will help subside the symptoms of restless legs syndrome. Massaging helps enhance the circulation of blood in the legs or other affected areas and hence helps you deal with restless legs syndrome.


Ensure that you indulge in some amount of physical activity everyday to get rid of restless legs syndrome. At least half an hour of physical activity is recommended for all human beings to stay fit. Apart from keeping you fit, working out will enable better blood circulation and hence keep the symptoms of restless legs syndrome at bay. Working out will also help strengthen and relax your muscles and help you cope with this disorder. Exercising on a regular basis will help you maintain your ideal weight also, which is a must to keep such ailments at bay. If you are overweight then you must workout everyday to shed those extra pounds to get cured of restless legs syndrome.

Quit Bad Habits

It is very important to get rid of all your addictions at the earliest to get rid of restless legs syndrome. Smoking, drinking alcohol etc. can worsen your situation. Even if you are seeking treatment for restless legs syndrome and continue to indulge in such habits, you might not get rid of this disorder. So make sure that you get rid of all your bad habits and addictions to keep all such ailments at bay.

Heat And Cold Treatments

The good old heat and cold therapy works wonders in treating restless legs syndrome. You can try applying ice packs on your feet and other affected areas everyday to control the symptoms of restless legs syndrome. Applying hot water bags on affected areas work equally well. These basic forms of treatments helps a great deal in treating restless legs syndrome.

Seek Medical Assistance

Apart from these self- help tips, you should also make regular visits to your doctor to get yourself checked. This will help monitor your condition and hence you will get better fast. Your doctor might analyse your condition and then prescribe adequate treatment for you. Some forms of restless legs syndrome can be cured by medications alone. It is always better to seek medical assistance for such diseases for fast recovery. Make sure that you visit your doctor and follow all the above mentioned tips to overcome restless legs syndrome.

Eliminate Stress

It has become very difficult for people in this busy and fast paced life to manage stress. But stress can lead to a number of health disorders including restless legs syndrome. So ensure that you try to eliminate stress from your life completely. You can start practicing yoga to relieve from stress. Certain forms of yoga can also be practiced for restless legs syndrome. Few forms of stretching exercises in yoga can work wonders for your condition. You can also try certain meditation techniques and breathing exercises to keep stress at bay. Some cases of restless legs syndrome could be as a result of stress which can be sorted by these techniques.

Eat Healthy

Ensure that you eat a healthy and well balanced diet. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Make sure that you diet contains adequate amounts of iron, magnesium and vitamin E. The deficiency of these in body can lead to restless legs syndrome. Pregnant women should ensure that their diet is well balanced as they stand at high risk of developing this disorder. Also avoid certain foods that can trigger restless legs syndrome. Some studies have revealed that foods containing preservatives when taken in excess can increase the likelihood of acquiring this  disease. Also keep away from caffeine rich beverages like coffee etc. and also minimize your intake of carbonated sweetened drinks.

Sleep Environment

RLS interferes with sleep and causes fatigue. One way to break the cycle is to stick to a sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning. Create a bedtime routine that involves doing something relaxing prior to getting into bed.

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