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How To Use Facial Bleaching Cream


The best good thing that a bleaching cream can do to your face is the lightening of facial hair. Since excessive facial hair is the cause for embarrassment for most women, bleaching is considered as the easiest and fastest method to make its appearance near to invisible.

Even though there are other methods of hair removal such as waxing, tweezing and plucking, bleaching is popular as it is painless. Unlike waxing, bleaching does not cause the possibility of the re-growth of thick hair and in-grown hair.  The bleaching process does not remove hair but makes its colour matching to the colour of skin.

Besides lightening the skin, it has the added benefit of making the skin tone even and bright, if it is applied all over the facial skin. Bleaching will also eliminate pigmentation marks, spots, blemishes and other ugly marks thereby making the skin flawless. If the intention is just to lighten the hair colour, just apply the bleach only on the hairy areas like upper lips or any other parts. If you want to make the facial skin fair use it over the entire face. But remember that the effect of bleaching is short-lived.

Most of the bleaching creams contain powerful chemicals and regular use of it may cause the opposite effects. It is always good to know about the bleaching cream, its ingredients, and the right way of using it so that you can keep your skin healthy. This is very important as skin is the most visible part of your body and you need to keep it flawless and freckle -less.

Know Your Bleaching Product

As the most effective, painless and easy method to lighten unwanted hair, most of us carelessly pick up any bleaching product from the shop and use it. But if you love your skin, it is inevitable that you should know what it is made of. This alertness is expected from a sensible buyer. The intense craving to flaunt your enhanced skin appearance should not overpower your rationale.

The colour of the hair becomes light because the contents in the bleach take out the colour molecules from the hair. He skin tone is transformed into a fairer shade because the ingredients in the bleach restrict the production of melanin. Melanin is responsible for the dark shade of the skin and hair.

The main ingredients found in common bleaching products are toxic chemicals such as hydroquinone, mercury and steroids (hydroquinone is banned in some European countries). These ingredients are harmful to the skin and cause permanent damage if used unwisely. Most of the skin whitening creams and lotions also contain these deadly elements. Hydrogen peroxide is another ingredient, the regular usage of which is harmful for the skin.

The chemical contents in the bleaching cream change the colour of facial hair to that of your skin colour. Your face will get a special glow as the ingredients like hydroquinone helps in removing pigmentation marks.

Things To Be Considered While Selecting Bleaching Product

If you resort to bleaching as the easy way to get the great looking skin and do it frequently, your skin will become lifeless in future. The intention of this article is not to put across scary things about bleaching, but to warn you about the possible harm that can happen to your skin if choices are made in a casual manner. The good news is that a wide range of nature-based bleaching creams and powders are available in market. Always go for those products that are made from natural substance.

It is always advisable to check the ingredients before buying. Go for those bleaching creams that contain only natural substances. Before buying a skin whitening cream or bleach you can seek the advice of your dermatologist or beautician. Check for the presence of harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone, mercury and steroids, and refrain from buying those that contain them. The safest bleaching and hair/skin lightening products are nature-based. Facial bleach creams with fruit extracts are available in market.

Natural hydoxiacids and free amino in fruit extracts helps in lightening the dark color of facial hair effectively and gently. Herbal bleach cream is another option. Oxygen bleach cream with orange and lemon extract is another safe and effective option. Oxygen bleach does the magic with nascent Oxygen. A pre-bleach skin cream is available with this. Fruit bleach enhanced with herbal extract can safely be used on facial skin.

The free oxygen seeps into the skin in conjunction with fruit and herbal extracts. Some of these natural bleaching products may also contain hydrogen peroxide. Check for it in the ingredient list, and use such creams less frequently. Natural bleaching methods can be followed using lemon and other ingredients; but they are not as effective as a bleaching cream.

It is better not to get addicted to the use of these facial bleaching creams, as it causes more harm than good in the long run. Restrict the use of these whitening agents only on hair if you have thick dark facial hair. Seek advice from your dermatologist and undergo treatment for other skin disorders such as pigmentation spots, discolouration, freckle and so on.  And remember, fairness is not the last word for a beautiful you.

Harmful Effects Of Bleaching Cream On Facial Skin

1. It damages skin – The bleaching process also involves peeling and exfoliating process doing away with the upper most dark skin layer. Removing the upper skin layer causes your skin to be more exposed to the UV rays leading to quick aging and skin cancer.

2. Continuous use of bleaching product that contains mercury may cause liver damage and kidney failure.

3. The extent of the positive benefit of bleach depends on your skin tone. If you have dark skin, the lightened hair will stand out due to the apparent color contrast causing embarrassment. The same applies to tan skin also.

4. Bleaching does not give a long-lasting solution for a brighter skin or lightened hair.

5. Bleaching just offers a superficial solution to the unwanted hair problem. Getting rid of unwanted facial hair is the main objective for people to go for bleaching. But bleaching does not remove hair, but it just makes it lighter in tone. Even though facial hair is matching with the skin colour, it may sometimes become noticeable if you are standing in the sun.

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