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How To Treat Tick Bite


Although most tick bites do not transmit pathogens, some bites do. In human beings, there are various infections caused by insects and other microorganisms. Among these, tick bites are notable ones, which are caused by small arachnids belonging to Ixodida family. Considered as the major skin infection among people, these bites are characterized with rashes, sores and flu-like symptoms that tend to concern them big time. These ticks don’t have the capability of carrying diseases and causing health troubles, but their bite has the capability of affecting the entire skin of an individual. These tick bites spread vitally to different parts of the body and it is important to treat and clear them at the earliest. In a few cases, tick bites are small in structure that creates complications for people in treating it. Hence, it requires effective medical treatment for tick bite and home remedies that tend to overcome the risks of skin infection.

People infected by tick bites can make use of fine-tipped tweezers, which helps in removing it easily. Gloves cover and tissue paper can also be used in the process for removing tick bites from the body. While treating tick bite, individuals have to note that the infected region is present above the skin. Hence, while squeezing the bite, it is necessary to break it above, thereby preventing the infected fluid from getting inside the body. In few cases, individuals make use of nail polish, rubbing alcohol and gasoline, which has to be avoided, as it has the capability of increasing the skin infection. Moreover, tick bite region has to be washed with lot of warm water along by mild dishwashing soap, which tends to eliminate the traces of infection.

Treatment for Tick Bite


This medicine has the benefit of relieving pain, itchiness and burning sensation that are present on the infected region. Before using anti-histamine, it is necessary for people to consult a proper physician and get the dosage level according to their age and skin condition.

Calamine Lotion

This is the best treatment when it comes to treating and curing itching and burning sensation. This lotion on action has the capability of providing instant relief from pain and rashes by reducing the severity to an extent.

Use of Anesthesia

If people want relief from pain and rashes, there are various anesthesia sprays available that acts on the infection to provide relief from tick bites. If there is any allergic reaction, individuals can stop using it and seek for alternative treatments from the physician.

Non-Prescription Medicine

Medicines such as Acetaminophen, NSAIDs, Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Naproxen can be used for relieving aftereffects of tick bites such as pain and fever.  The dosage level of this medicine varies and it has to be consumed according to doctor advice.

Antibiotic Ointment

As tick bites tend to create itching sensation, it is important for people to use ointments such as polymyxin and bacitracin on infected region. The region has to be covered by adhesive bandages that helps in eliminating the risks involved in spreading the disease. There are people who will be allergic to these ointments and if there are any signs of rupture or burning on the region, use of ointment has to be stopped immediately.

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