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How To Treat The Armpit Fungal Infections


Skin fungal infection is never a desirable condition to have. And when the fungal infection occurs in areas like armpits, the condition turns out to be all the more embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Fungal infection in the armpit can lead to the formation of itchy and painful rashes in the area. You should know that not only women, but men also are very much prone to develop this condition. This irritating condition is usually caused by a strain of yeast termed as Candida albicans, and is aggravated by factors like humid climatic conditions and by wearing tight clothing. Lack of proper hygiene is also attributed as a major factor leading to this unwanted condition.

Once you contract the condition of fungal infection, then it is very essential that you take proper steps to curb the spread of the disease. There are many methods that you can follow to heal fungal infection in the armpit. These methods range from conventional medical treatments to tried and tested home remedies.

Before choosing any mode of treatment, you should make sure that it is the most suitable one for you. Also for the treatment to be completely effective, it is very much required that you follow it in a religious manner. Mentioned below are some of these methods which will guarantee you an effective and quick cure from the unwanted skin disorder.

Common Medical Treatments Adopted

If you are troubled by fungal infection and rashes in the armpit, then you can visit your dermatologist for medical help. To heal fungal infections in the armpit, physicians usually prescribe the use of topical anti fungal agents.  Clotrimazole and Miconazole are the commonly used topical creams to treat this condition and they are to be applied directly on to the affected areas. One should note that these medications are not quick acting and to heal the fungal infection completely, regular and persistent use will be necessary.

If the condition of armpit infection is not just limited to rashes formation and you also develop itching sensation and allergies, then the sole use of anti fungal creams will not suffice to treat the disease. In this case, the doctor may prescribe using antihistamines. But the downside here is that the use of antihistamines may cause some unwanted side effects like stomach troubles and dry mouth in some people, thus adding to their worries.

Cure With Herbs And Essential Oils

The usage of essential oils to heal fungal infections in the armpit is an age old remedy. Of these, tea tree oil is proved to have strong anti fungal properties, thus giving it the status of a renowned cure for fungal infections.  As a treatment measure, one can mix a few drops each of the essential oils tea tree oil and thyme oil and apply it on the affected area in the armpits. Never use undiluted or 100 percent pure tea tree oil, as it can cause burning sensation of the skin.

To avoid contamination and infections, it is advised that the application is done using a cotton ball dipped in the essential oils, rather than using your fingers for application. This treatment is to be followed twice a day to gain quick results.

Another natural cure for treating armpit fungal infections involves the use of herbs like Aloe Vera. Aloe vera is an effective anti inflammatory agent and also a power house of vitamins and minerals like zinc, thus serving as a sure shot cure against fungal infections. To avail the goodness of the herb, you can apply the gel obtained from the Aloe vera plant directly onto the affected areas.  Another alternative is to make Aloe vera juice and dab it to the fungal infected areas using a cotton ball.

Nowadays, many herbal topical creams which contain Aloe vera as the main ingredient are available in the market as a remedial measure for fungal infections.

Vinegar, The Magic Anti Fungal Cure

Vinegar is hailed as an effective home remedy to heal fungal infections in the armpit. The acidic nature of vinegar will create a hostile environment for the fungi, thus making its survival impossible. In addition to that, it also helps to control the sweating, thus reducing unwanted moisture accumulation in the armpits, thereby controlling fungal growth in the area.

To heal the armpit rashes and itching, you can prepare a vinegar bath by adding a few drops of vinegar to your daily bath water. You can also try dabbing a cotton ball in a solution of apple cider vinegar and water and rub it generously on the areas of skin infection. Including vinegar in your daily diet will also improve your immune system health and will thus help in fighting yeast infections.

Modify Your Diet

An unbalanced and unhealthy diet can also promote the occurrence of fungal infections. Limit your sugar intake as it is seen to encourage fungal growth. You should also avoid having products like mushrooms and cheese, which contain yeast. At the same time, you should include natural fungal fighting agents like garlic in your diet and should also drink plenty of water.

To heal fungal infections and to keep your skin healthy, you can try having probiotic supplements and vitamin supplements which will boost your immune system and will thus help in fighting skin fungal infections. But before having these supplements, it will be good to take a word of advice from your doctor.

Maintain Basic Standards Of Hygiene

For the above said treatments to be effective, it is essential that you maintain and follow some basic rules and standards of hygiene.

Always try to keep the underarm regions dry as accumulation of moisture will promote fungal growth. After indulging in activities like exercising, do take a shower immediately so as to prevent sweat accumulation in the armpit regions. Allow your skin to breathe by wearing loose fitting and comfortable clothes made out of cotton.  Do see to it that all your clothes are washed properly as unclean clothes can also lead to propagation of fungal growth.

To control sweating in the armpit areas you can apply baby talcum powder. Application of corn starch will also help in keeping the under arm areas dry and free of moisture. Thus by following the above said remedies, you can be assured of getting relief from the embarrassing and irritating condition of fungal infection in the armpits.

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