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How To Treat Pinworms Naturally


When you get this creepy crawly feeling in and around your anal region, followed by intense itching, you almost always know the reason. Pinworms! One of the most common and annoying intestinal parasites, pinworm infection is a real nuisance and very common among children.

Of course, adults too are not spared, considering the fact that they are quite easy to contract, through nails and clothes. The itching leads to scratching and the eggs get stuck in your nails which will pass on to others and back to the intestine, causing more severe infection.

Pinworm infection can lead to loss of weight, bed wetting, insomnia, vomiting and in severe cases appendicitis. This is why pinworm infections have to be treated completely even if they are not very harmful.

The medications available for treating pinworms are not capable of killing their eggs and hence make way for recurrence of the infection once the eggs that are housed in the rectal region hatch and get back to the intestine.  Bur the natural methods employed for treating pinworms are stronger and can destroy the eggs as well, thereby preventing recurrence. Home remedies are best for administering on kids and pregnant women.

Natural Ways To Treat Pinworm Infection

Garlic, The Best Remedy For Treating Pinworms

This wonderful bulb can help remove pinworm infection completely along with the eggs, so that the infection does not recur. Consume 3-4 garlic cloves a day to discourage the worms in the intestine with their unpleasant smell.

In the night, when the itching is most intense, make a paste of garlic and add some petroleum jelly along with it to make it more creamy. Apply directly on the anal region where the eggs could be lodged and the adult worms could be crowding to lay eggs. This will remove the itching and destroy the eggs as well.

Grapefruit Seed Extracts For Treating Pinworms

Grapefruit seeds have anti parasitic qualities and hence great for killing pinworms inside the intestine. Take one cup of water and add the extracted juice from grapefruit seeds. Drink this three times a day and continue this treatment for a week to destroy all the germs and eggs that have caused the infection.

In case you still feel the itching in the anal region, which would be rare, apply garlic paste as well, as combination remedies are sometimes the treatment method to be adopted for faster results.

Coconuts For Treating Pinworms

Coconut and intestinal parasites do not go well together. Coconuts can remove parasites completely from the intestine. Grate some coconut and consume in the morning. After about three hours, you must take three teaspoons of castor oil.

Continue this treatment every day until you find that the infection and irritation is stopped completely. Coconut water too is an excellent remedy for pinworms and can be taken frequently every day along with this treatment for quick recovery.

Carrots For Treating Pinworms

A bowl of grated carrots every day on empty stomach is all you need for removing all kinds of intestinal parasites including pinworms.

The sulphur compounds present in carrots help in destroying the worms inside the intestine completely. Consume carrots for a week every day and you will surely have removed the entire worm clan from your system.

Onions For Treating Pinworms

This medicinal globule too contains sulphur compounds in abundance. For using onions for destroying pinworms, slice one medium sized onion and leave the slices in a pint of water.

Let it remain overnight for about 12 hours. Drink this fortified water three times a day for removing all the pinworms from the intestine.

Cabbages For Treating Pinworms

Cabbages too are known to be a good remedy for treating pinworms. Eat raw cabbages every day empty stomach until you no longer feel any disturbance in the stomach and have completely removed the infection from the system within days. Cabbages too contain sulphur which is the compound that wreaks havoc among pinworms and destroys them.

Bitter Gourd For Treating Pinworms

The juice extracted from bitter gourd can be used not just for treating diabetes, but also for treating pinworms. Drink one glass of the juice extracted from bitter gourd every day for a week to remove the pinworms and their eggs effectively.

Seed Of Pumpkins For Treating Pinworms

The seeds of pumpkins are very potent and are used for treating sexual problems in general. They are also good for treating intestinal parasites. For pinworm infection, take some pumpkin seeds and grind them to a coarse powder. Heat two cups of water in a low flame .Add the crushed seeds along with it and simmer for about two hours.

Every hour one tablespoon of this water must be taken. After two hours, take a mild laxative for passing the worms through the stools. After another two hours, consume oatmeal. Continue every day until you feel alright. The quantity of seeds that have to be used would range from 50 gms to 300 gms depending on the age.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Treating Pinworms

Apple cider vinegar is very acidic and hence makes it very difficult for the worms to thrive in the intestine. Take two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and dilute it with a cup of water to reduce its strength. Taking this every day will reduce the PH levels in the intestine thereby discouraging pinworms. Continue treatment until the worms are removed entirely.

Wormwood For Treating Pinworms

The active ingredient is wormwood is what does the trick in removing pinworms from the intestine. These ingredients make the parasitic membranes weak and destroy them ultimately. For using this treatment method, take a teaspoon of wormwood and add to a cup of water. Boil it and take it every day morning empty stomach. Continue taking wormwood throughout the day in gaps of two hours.

Pinworm infection needs to be removed completely to prevent spreading. Wash all the clothes and bed sheets in hot water and keep the anal region clean as well with frequent washing with soap and water.

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