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How to Treat Keratosis Pilaris With Natural Remedies

Keratosis Pilaris

When you have Keratosis Pilaris, there are a lot of limitations in the kind of swimwear that you can wear. The skin condition appears like chicken skin with red bumpy appearance and rough black or brown spots on the skin. Being a chronic condition, most people have to live with the distress, though some are lucky enough to have removed them completely without having done much.

Even though Keratosis Pilaris cannot be treated completely and the symptoms might recur every now and then, there still are a few natural ways by which you can control the appearance of these unsightly bumps and also prevent them from getting noticed as well. Here are some natural cures.

Beta Carotene

Keratosis Pilaris is formed when the skin starts excess production of keratin which gets accumulated on the surface and creates the bumpy appearance. So the best way to treat it is to stop the excess production of keratin.

How? The best way to do it is to take 2-3 carrots every day or drink a glass of carrot juice twice a day. The beta carotene present in carrots will help in removing the excess keratin production in the body, thereby removing Keratosis Pilaris as well.

Regular Exfoliation

Exfoliating the skin regularly is very important to soften the keratin deposits and remove them from the surface layer of the skin. Using a natural exfoliant that is gentle on your skin will work wonders for Keratosis Pilaris.

Take oatmeal and mix with some sugar to form a coarse paste. Massage on the affected skin every day and after 15 minutes wipe it off. Sugar and honey mix too is a good scrub for daily exfoliation of skin.

The goodness of these natural products is that they also moisturise and nourish the skin which too is very essential when you have Keratosis Pilaris. The vitamin E present in oatmeal will nourish and moisturise the skin and honey too is a natural moisturiser and humectant of sorts.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential for the health of skin, essential fatty acids help in softening and moisturising the skin from within. Take 3-4 cod liver capsules or one teaspoon of flax seed oil every day to get the benefit of omega 3 fatty acids and remove Keratosis Pilaris from the skin.

Aspirin Mask

Aspirin mask can be prepared by taking 10-15 aspirin tablets and crushing them to form a powder. Mix enough water and make it into a smooth paste. Apply on the areas of the skin affected by Keratosis Pilaris.

The beta hydroxy acids that are present in aspirin tablets help the skin to exfoliate and with continuous usage, will clear the skin off the dead skin cells and finally remove Keratosis Pilaris completely.

Vitamin E

Massaging the skin with vitamin E can help some patients clear the condition. Vitamin E strengthens and revitalises the skin and acts as a moisturiser as well. Use regularly on the skin to keep Keratosis Pilaris from becoming severe and turn your skin ugly.

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