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How To Treat Dry Skin Acne


Where skin care or rather hair care as well is concerned, acne is one of the most common problems you might have to face. Acne breakouts is prevalent not only on the facial skin but also on the body especially the back and the chest as well as the scalp. However, these little bumps are not only the reason for discomfort, irritation and a little pain but also make the skin look ugly and unattractive.

Since looks and appearance is taking an important toll in the lives of people irrespective of gender and age, treating acne and keeping a clear and healthy skin becomes a major responsibility. There can be different types of acne including dry skin acne and oily skin acne. Depending upon the type of acne, you can actually decide on the treatment process of the same. Since it is not a very serious problem you can opt for gradual treatments that are safe and effective rather than harsh chemical based medicines.

Natural and home remedies are not only safe and sound but also simple to follow. Here we are to discuss more about the dry skin acne compared to others. This means you will need to opt for remedies that get you freedom from the breakouts without excessively drying the skin. The stereotype that acne can only occur on oily skin should be broken off and you should know that dry skin is equally prone to the problem.

On the other hand, it is more of a challenge to get rid of acne from dry skin since most of the products for acne are designed in a way as to flush out the excessive oil and dirt from the skin. Home remedies are the best you can do for your precious skin and get back that lost glow. It is also recommended that you use only those natural products that have some amount of hydrating properties. Check this guide with the simplest of treatments for dry skin acne-

Simple And Uncomplicated Remedies For Dry Skin Acne

Drink Good Amounts Of Water

One of the best and the simplest of ways to clear away acne from dry skin and also keep the skin hydrated, soft and supple are to drink plenty of water each day. It is highly recommended that you opt for at least 8-10 glasses of water daily if you are looking for satisfying results. However, according to researchers there is no limit to the amount of water that you can consume each day.

The more you drink the more benefits you will see yourself in. this is especially valid for people who have a dry skin. Water can have real wonders on the skin and keep it deeply nourished giving you freedom from flakiness. By reducing the dryness, your treatment needs for the acne will be automatically met.

Water is also known to flush out the toxins from the body that can be one of the major reasons for acne on the skin. So while talking about dry skin acne treatment, there is nothing better and simpler than drinking good amounts of water.

The Benefit Of Skin Cleansers

Yet again for those who are suffering from this rare problem of dry skin acne should make sure that they adhere to a good skin cleanser in their daily routine. This product should be such that it is especially designed to meet the needs of dry skin and keep it moisturized.

However, it is always a good idea to opt for bottles that are full of natural ingredients and not chemicals because you are going to use it in the long run. Skin cleansers will ensure that you get freedom from acne and breakouts in a simple way. All you need to do is use it on the skin twice daily in the morning and before going off to sleep.

Avoid All Sort Of Chemicals

Chemicals are one of the major and underlying causes of dry skin and to aggravate the situation further to a non-treatable level. Use of chemical based skin products will only lead to dryness and in turn acne. Not only is it necessary to stay away from chemical based cosmetics and skin products but also any of the items that you are especially using in the treatment of the acne.

Keep A Moisturizer Handy

A simple way to treat acne is to buy an anti-acne moisturizer and use it on the skin at least twice daily. Not only will it keep you away from the problem but also help in nourishing the skin deeply. Make sure the moisturizer is made up of natural ingredients.

A moisturizer also helps in making a protective sheet on the skin that saves it from extra dirt accumulation. It is suggested that you opt for gel based moisturizer rather than the cream or lotions. The product should not lead to the blockage of the pores which can worsen the acne problem. The only aim should be to keep dryness away.

Avoid Hot Water Baths

You should totally stay away from hot water soaks and using the same for washing the face. Hot water is known to flush out the moisturizers from the skin and leaves it completely dry and flaky. This is turn will trigger the problems of acne on the skin and might also irritate it further if you are already suffering. A lukewarm water bath or cold water bath is recommended for the purpose. This should be followed for the facial skin as well.

Honey Wonders

You can apply a generous layer of good quality honey on the skin for about 15-20 minutes before wiping it off with a clean washcloth.

Honey has natural moisturizers as well as healing properties. It will help in not only clearing the skin of acne but also keep it naturally hydrated and supple. Along with this, honey has loads of other benefits for the skin as well which you can extract through this measure.

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