How To Treat Diabetes With Acupressure

How To Treat Diabetes With Acupressure

Acupressure is known to be one of the best ways of treating the Type-2 diabetes. It helps control the symptoms of this chronic ailment through various appropriate pressure points on different parts of the body. But, this treatment is not meant to work on patients who suffer from type-1 diabetes.

It is a Chinese technique of curing different health conditions. In this way of treatment the experts try to restore the positive energy, Chi by stimulating the pressure points and provide improved health conditions.

Understanding How to Treat Diabetes With Acupressure

Before Starting With Acupressure

Acupressure is certainly one of the best ways of treating diabetes as it does not have any side effects unlike different medicines. But, it is very important to consult and get the approval of your doctor before including acupressure therapy as a method of treating diabetes.

Also, it is essential to understand that this alternative mode of treatment may not be able to treat the ailment on its own and would certainly need the other standard treatments to treat diabetic condition in people. So, it is recommended that with your doctor’s consent, you combine both standard treatment and acupressure to achieve the results faster.

Finding the Pressure Points

The essence of the acupressure therapy is to be able to find the correct pressure points. The pressure points are a bundle of nerves that can be found in the entire body. Stimulating these pressure points can make you experience both pleasure and pain. Therefore, it is important to find the exact pressure point to treat a specific ailment.

These pressure points can be found easily but may need a lot of practice to master the art. You can find similar pressure points on both sides of your body because the human body is symmetrical in nature. If you have found a pressure point on the right side of the body, you are bound to find the same point on the left side too. For example, if you find the spot on one of your hands, then it is certain that you will find the same point on the other hand also.

To begin with you can pinch on the upper side of your arm, just about an inch over your elbow and feel the spot. You will automatically understand that you have found the pressure point, as it will begin to give you relief. Then, you need to press the corresponding pressure point right above your knees.

Main Acupressure Points For Treating Diabetes

There are some acupressure points that are considered to help treat some of the diabetes symptoms. The first point is situated at the inner most part of the lower leg, which crosses the kidneys, liver and the spleen. The second point is known as the Liver-3 acupressure point, which is placed along the line between the second and the big toe.

Another point is located on the inner side of your foot and is known as the Kidney-3 acupressure point. The fourth and the last point is known as the stomach-40 acupressure point, which is placed on the front side of the lower leg, just about eight finger over the external malleolus.

Add Healthy Diet to Acupressure

In addition to stimulating the appropriate pressure points, it is important that you eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The acupressure therapy is likely to work the best when it is combined with a balanced diet and exercise.

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