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How To Treat Cellulitis Naturally

Cellulitis Naturally

There are many natural remedies that can treat bacterial infections. Many people are not aware of the benefits and potency of naturally occurring substances and go after antibiotic medications which have severe side effects if taken indefinitely.

Cellulite is a bacterial infection that causes swelling, redness, pain and rash on the skin. Cellulitis is the result of bacteria entering through a cut on the skin and infecting the underlying connective tissue, blood stream and lymph node in severe forms of infection.

The treatment is always by administering antibiotics. Cellulitis can be diagnosed early on and treated through natural methods which not only cures the infection, but also prevents further occurrences.

Natural Ways To Treat Cellulitis

Take Probiotics To Fight Cellulitis

All kinds of infections caused by bacteria benefit from the use of probiotics. Probiotics increases the strength of good bacteria in the body which will help in fighting off the bad bacteria and reducing and finally removing the infection from the body. For treating cellulitis, probiotic supplements can be taken. Taking 3 cups of yoghurt every day too will help in clearing off the bacteria. Apply yoghurt on the area of wound as well to keep the surface clean from bacteria.

Drink Water To Fight Cellulitis

Bacteria in the body can be flushed away effectively by taking plenty of water. This is especially important when you have infections as too much bacteria can build up in the body if you do not flush them out. Drink water continuously; at least 3-4 litres to help in the process of expulsion; which also indirectly helps in healing and removal of cellulitis infection in the body.

Use Garlic To Fight Cellulitis

Garlic can be used both for internal action and also as a topical antibacterial ointment. Crush 4-5 garlics in your mouth and eat them raw, preferably on its own to retain the concentration of juice or with some water or along with your food. Garlic will exert its antibacterial action on the body and destroy the bad bacteria. Make some paste with raw garlic and apply on the surface of the skin. Cover with gauze and reapply every few hours.

Supplements To Fight Cellulitis

A number of supplements can be administered to improve the power of the body to fight the infection naturally. Take 1000 mg of C vitamin which is an immunity booster, 4 times daily. Vitamin E too will help in the healing and strengthening procedure. 400-800 mg can be taken every day to help destroy the bacteria.

Bromelain, an enzyme present in pineapples which facilitates the reduction of inflammation is available as supplements in herbal shops. Take 250 mg twice daily. Zinc too is necessary for fighting off skin infections. 30 mg tablets taken every day will help deal with the infection.

Honey To Fight Cellulitis

Being a natural healer and antiseptic, using organic honey on the affected skin can be done in conjunction with antibiotic treatment. This will help in preventing further infection on the skin and also helps in the healing process of the skin when you have cellulitis. Make sure that you use only organic honey.

Calendula Powder To Fight Cellulitis

Calendula being a good healing herb is good for treating inflammation and infections on the skin. Sprinkle calendula powder as a barrier from dust and other foreign materials. Calendula creams too are available in herbal shops if you prefer them.

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