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How To Treat An Acid Skin Burn


Acid products include toilet cleaners, battery acid, bleach, chemicals used in industry for crystal etching, and chemicals that are added to gas. Acid solids and liquids can cause injury, depending on the type, the strength, and the length of time the acid is in contact with the body.

In simple terms, we can say that an acid skin burn occurs when acid comes in direct contact with the skin.
The damage that they cause to the skin is what we term as a burn. Researches show that there are thousands of acid burn cases every year all around the globe especially in US. However, if you avoid such a health crisis, the acid can cause further damage of the skin and lead to serious repercussions.

Also, one of the important things to notice here is that the amount of burn will decide what kind of treatments and medications you should opt for. When you see that the damage is irreparable at your end, it is always better to consult a doctor and adhere to medications.

In case the acid burn is at its lowest level, try some treatments and solutions at home. These simple remedies mentioned below will definitely give you effective results. Here goes the health guide to treat an acid skin burn-

Simple Solutions To Heal Acid Burns

Treat The Cause

The first and foremost step that you should immediately follow to cause minimum damage is to clean away the acid as soon as it spills. In case of a dry acid powder make sure you use a dry towel or a brush to remove it from the skin. On the other hand, liquid acid should be dabbed from the skin and not rubbed as it can easily spread.

Effect Of Compress

Another step to heal the acid burn quickly and easily is to make a compress out of wet and cold cloth. Hold this towel on the affected areas for a while. This will not only enhance the healing procedure but also control the pain pangs that you might suffer from the burn.

Flowing Water Treatment

As soon as the skin comes in contact with the acid, flush it out completely by keeping it under running water.

Make sure the water is cold and you keep it for at least 20-25 minutes. Not only will it remove all the acidic residues from the skin but also prevent further damage. This will also affect the pain positively and keep it under track.

Use A Cloth Bandage

A clean and sterile bandage will also help the burn avoid any bacteria in the air and help in speedier recovery. It is suggested that you wrap up the entire area properly.

Make a wet, cold compress with a sterile pad if possible, or clean cloth if not, and apply to the acid burn area. Hold the compress on the wound as long as needed for pain control.

Avoid Stressing The Burn

Any kind of pressure and stress on the burn can worsen the situation completely. For attaining your goals, make sure you stop wearing tight fitted clothes in that area. Also, cotton is considered as a perfect option that will help the wound to breathe. Stress on the burns can lead to swelling and further inflammation. Leaning on the burn can also lead to unbearable pain in the area.

These are the simple homemade remedies, solutions and preventions that will treat the acid skin burn without taking much of your effort. Also, these are completely affordable and safe unlike medications and professional help.


Do not apply a household remedy to an acid burn, as these can sometimes cause further damage.

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