Weight Loss

How To Stop Weight Gain


In addition to a healthy eating plan, an active lifestyle will help you maintain your weight. By choosing to add more physical activity to your day, you’ll increase the amount of calories your body burns. This makes it more likely you’ll maintain your weight.

Although physical activity is an integral part of weight management, it’s also a vital part of health in general. Regular physical activity can reduce your risk for many chronic diseases and it can help keep your body healthy and strong.

Obesity is a watch word in present times. Easy comfortable lifestyle and technological advancement has made the lives of people sedentary. Television, remote control, internet, video games and cable are the technological inventions responsible for developing people into potato couch.

The plight of this dire state of consequences is the children are the worst affected. On a global scale there are millions of people who have been severely affected by modernized life style. Obesity has been the root cause for other life threatening diseases like heart attack, diabetes, cancer and osteoarthritis. Once one becomes overweight, he or she becomes a stigma of a society subject to ridicule, sarcasm and objects of fun.

So it is imperative that you read through the instructions given below to keep a watch over your waistline:

Step 1 – Eat in moderation and adopt a healthier lifestyle – eat right, stay active and get enough sleep.

Step 2 – Consume more of healthy food like vegetables, fruits, nuts, pulses and cereals.

Step 3 – Hit the gym on a regular basis. Make a time table and stick to it. Seek the help of professionals who can guide you on your exercise routine – weights, stretches, pull ups, push-ups to give an even tone to your body.

Step 4 – Suppress a sudden craving by taking a healthy snack like sprouts, fruit salad, milk, juice, nuts etc.

Step 5 – Stay committed and do not lose focus. Plan out how much you intend to lose within a specified time frame. This will keep you motivated.

Step 6 – Make a vow to prove yourself to your critics. This will ignite the fire in you to work hard towards your goal.

Step 7 – Take advantage of the stairs rather than the lift, walk to the nearby store or engage in outdoor sports like football, basketball, swimming or lawn tennis.

Lift weights

Muscle has a significantly higher metabolic rate than bone and fat. Simply put, this means that it takes more energy to fuel muscle than it does other tissues within the body. By lifting weights and adding some muscle mass, you keep your metabolism and the number of calories you burn at rest high. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of a quality fat-loss program and is essential as part of a weight-loss maintenance program.

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