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How to Remove Stretch Marks Forever


Motherhood is very special for every mother. Pregnancy is a crucial time and a mother goes through many physical and psychological changes. Stretch marks are a common phenomenon in pregnancy. They are scar tissues that are formed on the surface of the skin. But stretch marks can also come about in other ways.

Causes And Formation

Stretch marks are deep scars that appear as stripes on the legs, breast and stomach. Stretch marks can appear due to sudden weight gain or loss, hereditary factors during puberty, body building and pregnancy. Stretch marks are caused by overstretching of the skin and breaking of fibers in the dermis, the middle layer. Collagen is the nutrient that holds the fibers in the skin together. This is responsible for smooth and elastic skin. During pregnancy or weight gain, the skin stretches and tears collagen, which results in stretch marks.

Use of Stretch Mark Cream For Prevention

It is easy to prevent the formation of stretch marks. Increasing the skin’s elasticity or reducing the cause of elasticity can help prevent the skin from developing stretch marks.

It is important to keep the skin hydrated and nourished. Creams rich in cocoa butter are trusted to diminish stretch marks. Use lotions manufactured exclusively to treat stretch marks. Apply the lotion all over your body after a shower. This prevents the skin from dryness.

Stretch mark remover creams contain ingredients like rose hip oil, jojoba oil and emu oil. Use of these oils has shown a significant reduction in stretch marks. Use lotions enriched with vitamin A, E and C. These vitamins increase the elasticity of the collagen and protect skin from dryness and stretch marks. Vitamin supplements can also be consumed to nourish the skin.

Retin-A (Tretinoin) creams remarkably reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It is advisable to consult a doctor before using tretinoin creams and lotions. Use vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel and shea butter on stretch marks regularly.

There are many types of herbal creams, creams containing vitamins, collagen replacement creams and anti-aging creams that are effective on stretch marks. Herbal creams use natural ingredients that cause no side effects which is advisable for pregnant women. Creams with vitamins help rebuild tissues and skin elasticity. Collagen replacement creams heal scars while anti-aging creams will boost sagging skins. A cream that can perform a few tasks instead of one gives you more cost savings.

Natural Methods

There are various natural and homemade remedies for stretch marks. Skin exfoliation is an effective way of reducing the appearance of these scars. Ingredients like baking soda and oatmeal can also be used to cure stretch marks.

Lavender oil is very useful for the treatment of these scars. Scrub the stretch mark affected area with apricot scrub. This may gradually lighten the marks.

Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and increase elasticity. Add green vegetables, dairy products, tomatoes and liver to your diet. Foods rich in zinc are also recommended. Improving your diet with these would prevent stretch marks.

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