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How To Remove Eyeliner Tattoo

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Tattoos have become commonplace over the past few years, and doctors have developed ways to remove the pigment from the skin with laser technology. Having ink removed from around your eyes, though, is a much more complicated task due to the sensitivity of the corneas. Eyeliner tattooing is very common nowadays as it helps to enhance the appearance of the eye. It also eliminates the cumbersome procedure of making thin and steady lines using eyeliner pencils and liquid liners.

Eye tattooing even makes it possible to swim without disturbing eye makeup. But, many time people may become dissatisfied with the appearance of the eyeliner tattoo, because at times it may not come up well. Sometimes, tattoos get faded and provide a blurred appearance.

This is because the pigment that is injected deep in to the skin may migrate to other areas from the actual site of injection. Sometimes the introduction of foreign pigments in to the skin leads to immunologic and toxic response. Another reason for dissatisfaction of users is that they cannot be easily changed in line with change in fashion trends. Removing eyeliner tattoo is a bit complicated as the chances of injury to the eyes and cornea are more while removing the eyeliners.

How To Remove An Eyeliner Tattoo

Laser Tattoo Removal

In order to remove eyeliner tattoos permanently, you need to identify an experienced laser surgeon or dermatologist.

Allow the laser surgeon to check the tattoos thoroughly and let him/her know all the medical history and allergies you have. Before initiating the procedure, ensure that the doctor is inserting corneal shields under your eyelids. This is necessary to protect your corneas from the harmful laser.

Also enquire that your doctor has Q-switched Nd: Yg laser and Q-switched Ruby or Alexandrite laser. This is because if you have black or brown eyeliners, it can be removed properly with Q-switched Nd: Yg laser. But, there are many permanent eyeliner inks that oxidize just after the laser treatment and turn to a different color such as orange or light blue. During such period the doctor should have Q-switched ruby or alexandrite to remove these lighter colors.

Q-switched ruby or alexandrite is also used for removing the tougher skin colored or white tattoos. Prior to initiating the procedure, anesthetic injections or creams are used to numb the area. Usually the pigments in the tattoos are large enough for the body to eliminate. Hence, the laser treatment, which emits short pulses of light disrupts and shatter the tattoo pigments in to smaller particles and allow the body to eliminate them from the system.

Side Effects of Eyeliner Tattoo Removal

Even though, technology has improved a lot, removing tattoos is still painful and it requires several treatments to remove tattoos completely. Even then, complete removal of tattoos without any scars is almost impossible and moreover, the process of tattoo removal is costlier.

Another most common side effect of tattoo removal is the temporary loss of eyelashes, which may takes few months to regrow. A single treatment may not be enough to remove the tattoo completely, hence you need to take more appointments for laser treatment and it depends greatly on the tattoo you have.

Some doctors even recommend the continuous usage of concentrated saline over the tattoos, so that the saline absorbs colored pigments from the skin tattoos and remove them completely over a period of time.

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