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How To Remove Dust Mites Allergies Easily


Dust mite allergies are prevalent everywhere. Allergy is a disorder of the immune system and is related to its hypersensitivity. Anything that causes an allergic reaction is termed as an allergen. Allergens can be food items, environmental factors and drugs. Environmental factors may include allergies due to pollen, mold, pets, latex, metals and dust mites.

Dust Mites Allergies

They are the most common of all the indoor allergies. Dust mites are found in every household. They are highly microscopic organisms. Warm and humid conditions help them to multiply. They thrive on human skin and prosper in your house. Our bed is the most comfortable place for them.

Everyday we breathe in tons of them. Our immune system reacts to the protein that they emit in the form of their excretion. It dries up and can easily be mixed in the air that we inhale. The inhalation of this protein directly affects our respiratory system. Immediate reaction is runny nose, itching, headache, watery eyes, trouble breathing, swelling and rashes in the skin and ultimately leads to hay fever and asthma in the long run.

Dust Mites’ Bite

It is not something that all other mites do. Food for the dust mites is the dead skin of humans that we shed everyday in the form of dandruff or dry scaly skin. So the dust mites bite directly onto this food that they survive on. They do not make any visible wound, scar or rash on our body. But the rash can be developed as an allergic reaction to their excretion.

Relieving Dust Mite Allergy

If found positive to dust mite allergy, an individual can be recommended 3 strategies by the allergist.  Avoid contact with dust mites or at least have a limited exposure. Taking proper medication. Get the allergy shots.

Kill/Remove Dust Mites’ Allergy

Keep the house as clean as possible. Regular use of strong vacuum cleaners with allergen filters and dusting the house and the furniture with wet cloth are very effective. Beds, soft toys, stationary and books should be given special attention since they trap a lot of dust.

Don’t use any rugs that cannot be washed and cleaned. They become the hiding spot for the dust mites. Prefer wooden flooring over door-to-door carpet flooring. Bed-sheets and pillow covers should be washed on weekly basis on higher temperatures and exposure to sunlight is needed. This helps to kill dust mites during the washing process.

Don’t stuff your house with too much of furniture. Keep it limited as per your use. Curtains become the dust bed at several times. Use only washable curtains that can be cleaned on regular basis. Pets and smoking inside the house should be strictly prohibited. Keep the windows open for the fresh air and sun to enter the house.

Dust mites are pretty harmless creatures, but what is harmful about them is their fecal excretion that leads to dust mite allergy and can cause great trouble to hundreds of people all over the world. Dust mite allergies cannot be completely eradicated, but they can be reduced to a considerable extent.

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