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How To Recognize Uncommon Signs of Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a very important phase in a woman’s life and all women want to enjoy every single moment of it. But the fact is that most women miss the initial stages of pregnancy as they discover that they are pregnant only after a month or two.

Though the signs are there as early as two weeks, women mostly do not associate these signs with pregnancy as they are not sure. Do you want to enjoy each and every day of your pregnancy from day one of conception?

Here are some signs and symptoms to keep watch on and discover your pregnancy much before your doctor confirms the same.

Tips To Recognize Uncommon Signs Of Pregnancy

Implantation Pain

This is the earliest sign that points towards pregnancy. Implantation pain can occur anytime between 6-12 days after ovulation. A mild or sharp pain will be felt my many women in the lower abdominal area at this time.

The cramping occurs when the fertilised embryo implants itself inside the uterine wall. Implantation pain can be accompanied by spotting as well in some cases.

Change of Taste

Though there is no scientific base to this fact, many women feel a metallic taste inside their mouth in the early days of pregnancy. This can be a strange distaste in the mouth that can seriously tamper with your appetite.

The metallic taste is not associated with pregnancy by doctors. But a significant number of women report the presence of this taste which makes it an uncommon symptom to watch out for.

Yeast Infections

Pregnancy triggers sudden hormonal changes in the body and this can lead to yeast infections of the vagina in many women. If you have never been getting yeast infections and suddenly get them, it could be a sign of pregnancy. Pregnancy related yeast infections are hard to treat as the hormonal changes are still underway.

Hair Growth

Hormonal changes can cause increased hair growth in women, especially on the face and belly. However, contradicting this theory, some women also report that they have reduced or no hair growth in the legs during pregnancy.

Spider Veins

During pregnancy, the blood flow in the body is stimulated which can lead to spider veins in many parts of the body. These blue or purplish veins can be unsightly and also painful in some cases.

Nasal Block

Nasal blockage is a common symptom associated with pregnancy. This happens as a result of high estrogen levels in the body and increased blood flow due to which nose bleeds too are common in pregnant women.

Physical Symptoms

Certain physical symptoms like darkening of the veins in the breast, darker nipples, glowing skin etc. too may be noticed in some women in the early stages of pregnancy itself. These happen due to the increased blood flow to the skin.

Cervical Mucous

Certain changes that occur in the quality of the cervical mucous are often overlooked by most women. After the ovulation process, most women will have very little or no cervical mucous until the fertilised embryo implants itself inside the uterus. Once this happens, the cervical mucous turns very creamy and announces your pregnant status.

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