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How To Lose Weight Fast


Want to get rid of extra calories from your body? Well, for this you need not have to go to a gym and start exercising the very next minute. Yes, you heard it right! There are some simple exercises which you could try at home without all the fancy machines which others use at the gym. Not only that these exercises help you reduce your weight, but also it enhances your mental health, reduces risk of strokes, any possibilities of heart diseases, etc. The main problem with people today is that they hardly keep aside some time for their exercise.

There are many out there whose ultimate desire is to achieve a size zero body, but are very lazy to work for it. Before you start off with your exercise, bear in mind that you have to exercise everyday to keep both your mind and body fit. For those who are very busy during weekdays, should at least utilize 150 minutes of their weekend and find ways to stay healthy.

Simple Home Exercises To Lose Weight


Jogging is another simple exercise which requires a good and comfortable pair of running shoes. This exercise is very good for your heart as it burns calories as per the rate at which you jog.

Try and increase the speed of your jogging to burn more calories. It is a good exercise to enhance your health as well as mental fitness. You can either jog outside in your lane or jog at home while watching TV or listening to music.


You need not have to dance well to do this exercise. Select a good range of music from your system and move your body to its tune. This exercise works well for your heart and keeps you active, energetic and happy for the rest of the day. What else could be the best exercise if you are someone who is very much into dancing!


Have you thrown away your skipping ropes thinking you are too old for it? Well, skipping enhances the muscles of your heart, provides strength and flexibility to your bone, brings coordination of the heart and the muscles.

Skipping should be done in a safe area and be careful not to fall over anything. Consider skipping as a good option for an exercise since doing it for 10 minutes can burn 70-110 of your calories.

Climbing Stairs

If you have stairs at home, climb up and come down a few times. This exercise will help burn the extra calories in your leg muscle and buttocks and tone them up. Wherever you have the option of using staircase over lift, use it and maintain your weight easily.


For this exercise, you need to stand up straight looking forward. Slowly lower your knees as though you are sitting on the chair.

When you see that your knees are exactly parallel to the floor of the room, stand in the same position for 2-3 minutes with your chest straight and look straight. Release back to the first position after 2-3 minutes and repeat the same exercise to help burn the extra calories in your leg muscles and buttocks.

Back Extension

This is another simple exercise for your abs in which you have to lie down on your stomach on a mat. Place your hands at the back or behind your head. Slowly raise from the ground on toes and lift your chest a few inches from the ground and stretch back. After 2-3 minutes, resume your original position and repeat the same 5-10 times.


Don’t go for the heavy weights right away in the beginning. Try lighting some light weight objects and then gradually carry on to the heavy ones. This is simple and helps your muscles get toned and as the weight increases, you will be able to burn some extra calories.

Playing  With Children

To end it all, here’s another interesting exercise. Playing with your kids can indeed burn a great amount of calories for you. Be it football, basketball, badminton, cycling, everything involves use of muscles and helps them keep in shape. This way not only that are you able to control your weight, but are helping the entire family remain fit and healthy. This way you will be active throughout your life and also feel refreshed from within every single day.

Now you know that doing an exercise need not always be boring and expensive. Without the use of machines and other equipment,  you can keep your body in shape easily. If your dream was to have a slim and healthy body, better start off now itself!

Walking Fast

Walking is a very effective exercise and when done at a fast pace regularly will tone up the muscle of your legs. According to your convenience, you may either walk outside along the lane of your house or in case of bad weather, you can also switch indoors.

While you do so, climb up and come down the stairs and gather the laundry on the way to give you some aerobic exercise. You can make your walking interesting by listening to some music played in the background or singing yourself, if you are good at it.

Push Ups

This is something most of the beginners don’t want to do as it is difficult, but the health benefits which this exercise provide are plenty. Push ups work good for the pectoral muscles (upper arm muscles) and also strengthens the muscles around your shoulder.

Rather than trying to do this exercise on one hand, work out the option that works well for your body and which you are comfortable with. If you have trouble keeping your legs straight, you can do take push ups on your knees or even do this standing against a wall.

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