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How To Lose Weight Fast On Your Thighs And Buns

How To Lose Weight Fast On Your Thighs And Buns

Everyone wants to have nicely toned thighs and properly shaped buns. In fact, people especially girls love to flaunt these assets while they roam about in their bikinis or swimsuits.

However, it is very difficult to reduce weight from any particular point of your body. You will have to reduce fats from your entire body in order to reduce fats from thighs and buns. There are various exercises and diets suitable for proper weight loss. Some of them are elaborated in the following article:

Simple Cardio Exercises:

Simple cardio exercises are very useful in reducing fats for your thighs and buns. These help in increasing the metabolic rate of your body and in toning the muscles.

Some of the simple exercises include running, jogging, rowing, sprinting, etc. Barbell squat is another important exercise, which helps in reducing fat particularly from the lower sections of your body. These exercises increase your body stamina and energy level.

Regular Workouts That Can Help:

Simple workouts are best for beginners. These exercises help in toning the muscles and preparing them for harder exercises. Some of them include walking lunges, squats, extension and curling of legs, donkey style back kicks, etc.

They generally reduce fats from all sections of the body, especially the thighs and the buns. You can perform these free hand exercises along with dumbbells and iron rods.

You can reduce weight from your quadriceps by practicing several forms of squats like barbell squats, parallel squats, etc. You should practice these exercises 10-15 times daily for better results.

Some exercises like hip extension exercises like rack pulls, straight leg dead lifts, 45 degree hyperextensions, etc. are done for toning hamstring muscles of your thighs. You should practice at least two sets of each of these exercises.

Hip adductor exercises like Romanian dead lifts, cable hip adduction help in reducing fats from the side portions of the hips. Barbell hip thrusts and glute bridges are excellent workouts for reducing fats from the bun as it exerts pressure on the gluteus maximus muscle.

Diet To Lose Weight Fast On Your Thighs And Buns:

Diet is one the most important factors which help in weight reduction. You should cut down your daily calorie consumption in order to dissolve fats from your body.

Some foods like whole grains, raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meat, etc. should be added to your daily meals. You should avoid certain foods like soda, red meat, oily foods, sugar containing foods, preservatives containing foods, etc.

You should divide your meals into several smaller portions and chew them properly. This helps in digestion and in increasing the metabolism.

Technique Of Exercise To Lose Weight Fast On Your Thighs And Buns:

The techniques used for the exercises should be very accurate and moderate. You should never exaggerate your body by doing higher sets of exercises at the beginning. This puts higher pressure on your muscles and thus, hampers your body growth.

You should also practice cardio exercises in between weightlifting exercises. You should give rest to your thigh muscles for at least three days before repeating the exercises. An experienced trainer may guide you properly.

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