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How To Lose Weight By Jogging


There are many ways to lose weight. You may choose to go to a gym, aerobics, yoga, or just decide to do a regular jogging every morning with a good dieting. Jogging is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, as it burns lot of calories in your body at zero cost.
Yes, you need not pay to join any fitness studio! Jogging turns out to be more fun when you have a dog to run along with you.

However,there are few things you ought to remember to motivate yourself and get the best results by jogging. The first and foremost is, your commitment towards jogging. You should have jogging as a ‘must to do’ activity of the daily routine without any excuses.

Tips On Jogging To Lose Weight

Dos and Don’ts Of Jogging

The first step probably is to consult your doctor, regarding your fitness and your plan to jog. Make sure this jogging routine suits your body condition. There are many cases where the patients are advice not to go for jogging. So it’s better if you consult your physician beforehand.

Get A Pair of Jogging Shoes

You have to have a good shoe – a jogging shoe – that perfectly and comfortably fits you. This is a very basic and very important point that cannot be ignored. If your shoes do not fit you well, you will not be comfortable while jogging and hence might end up putting more pressure on some parts of your feet and soul, which in turn might affect your knees, ankles, hips, and back. Acquire a good brand of shoe specially designed for jogging purpose and put on both the shoes and try out before you decide to buy.

A Warm Up Exercise

Before starting to jog, you must have some warm up exercises for all parts of your body. You may learn this from a professional. Do not start jogging directly. Start walking slowly, and then gradually increase the speed and come to jogging in a rhythmic speed.

Indulge In Interval Training

Adding variety to your jogging makes it more interesting and self-motivating for you to have the maximum effects. There is something called ‘interval training’ in jogging. You ought to hasten your jogging speed for 5 to 10 minutes and then slow jog for 5 to 10 minutes.

You must keep changing the jogging paths too. This would make you feel fresh, at the same time, if there is variation in the terrain, this would challenge your muscles and burn out your extra fat and calories. Hence, the jogging terrain could be a normal plain surface or a hilly area.

Interval training is considered to be the best way to lose weight by jogging.The interval training involves in low-intensity and high-intensity training help you burn out more calories and thereby lose weight.

Use An Aqua Jogger Belt

Deep water running helps a lot if you are a very serious jogger. But here, you have to use an aqua jogger belt, which would hold you vertically. To make this intense, add hand buoys. Water jogging is advantageous, as it does not strain the joints in your body.

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