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How To Heal A Sprained Ankle Fast

How To Heal A Sprained Ankle Fast

Ankle sprain is a health disorder associated with pain, swelling and inflammation in the ankle. Ankle sprain, also known as sprained ankle, may occur due to various factors like weak ligaments, weak joint muscles, wearing high heeled shoes and running fast on extremely rough surfaces.

Sprain in the ankle can be easily avoided with the help of eliminating its causes. However, if an individual suffers from sprained ankle, the question that arises in the mind is “how to heal a sprained ankle?”. There are various treatment options which can help to recover from the problem. The below given tips would help in healing a sprained ankle in an effective way.

Tips to Heal a Sprained Ankle


Wearing good supportive footwear with heel and arch support(such as your runners) is great as this takes the pressure off the injured ligaments and lets them heal well. DO NOT WEAR HIGH HEELS (Please!).

Avoid Walking on a Sprained Ankle

The first and foremost tip is to avoid walking on the sprained ankle. Most of the people do not take this tip into consideration, and continue walking on the affected ankle, thus worsening the condition of the ankle. It is very important to avoid putting pressure on the sprained ankle while walking, so that the recovery is speeded up.


your ankle by not walking on it. Limit weight bearing. Use crutches if necessary; if there is no fracture you are safe to put some weight on the leg. An ankle brace often helps control swelling and adds stability while the ligaments are healing


Compression would also help in treating ankle sprain. An elastic bandage should be wrapped around the ankle to provide soothing to the affected ankle. The bandage should be tied neither too tight nor too loose so as to attain effective results.

Ice Pack

Providing cold packs to the ankle is a very effective technique to heal the sprained ankle. The swelling would reduce gradually with the help of regular application of ice packs on the ankle. It is important to keep in mind not to extend the application of ice pack on the affected ankle beyond 20 minutes.


Elevating the leg would help in minimizing the swelling in the sprained ankle. The leg can be elevated by placing 3-4 pillows below the ankle. An individual would feel quite comfortable with the help of this treatment.

Medical Help

In most of the cases, the sprain in the ankle gets treated in a few days. However, in case, you do not find much relief after following the above given tips to heal sprained ankle, it is suggested to seek medical help.

Further, if the sprain in quite severe, it is strongly recommended to seek medical advice in the initial stage itself, so as to avoid the problem from aggravating. The doctor may recommend certain pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medicines, which would help in speeding up the recovery process.

The above given tips and techniques would definitely be of tremendous help in treating a sprained ankle, if followed properly. However, it is suggested to prevent the problem from occurring as far as possible by taking care of the shoes you wear, walking properly, and carrying out muscle and joint strengthening exercises.

Protect the area:

One of the most common myths during a sprain is that one should immediately start massaging the area. Please do not do that! Not only does it not help, it may increase the severity of the injury. To prevent making the sprain worse, one needs to protect the afflicted ankle. This can be done by wearing sneakers, crocs or other footwear with a very soft sole and significant amount of padding on the sides.

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