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How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

Get Rid Of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are something which every one dreads. These are uninvited guests on your body which everyone hates to welcome. It is not only age which brings the onset of wrinkles and fine lines. There are many other factors also which are responsible for wrinkles formation on our face which can be like scorching sunlight, pollution, smoking, and stress, loss of weight and lack of Vitamin E in our body.

But here is a fool-proof solution to stop or reduce this continuous wear and tear going on your face. It is just that you have to work upon and toning of facial muscles to stop this process of aging. A perfect combination of these specific muscle and skin toning and tightening exercises can give you a perfect tightening of the skin and get wrinkle free face. Usually skin starts formation of wrinkles after the age of 25 due to slow formation of collagen and lack of elasticity in the skin.

Toning Exercises For Forehead, Mouth And Eyes

Eye Firming Exercise

This facial exercises works upon mainly the muscles and tightens the skin around the eyes. This is the first area on your face where crow’s feet start appearing. But with this exercise you can easily slow down the formation of wrinkles around the eyes. What you need to do is just wink your eyes turn by turn slowly. The winking has to be very slow and do not close the whole eye just leave some space between the two eyelids.

Stay in this pose for a brief second and then open this eye and repeat the same action with the other one. This eye toning exercise should be recapped at least 40 times in one go and you can recur it twice in a day. This exercise is the best one to tighten the skin and the muscles around your eyes, so that they look beautiful without any wrinkles.

Mouth Firming Exercise

After eyes it is your mouth which shows up the fine lines and wrinkles very quickly, so next you have to work upon the muscles and skin around your mouth. In this exercise the index fingers of both the hands are kept at the corners of mouth. Now with your fingers pull your mouth outwards, this will stretch your mouth at least quarter inch. When the mouth is stretched the muscles of the mouth should be very tight. This will help you in feeling the pressure of this pull against the index fingers.

This way the muscles get pulled and they stretch to regain their elasticity back, thus in turn reducing the wrinkles to great extent. This exercise can be reiterated 25 to 50 times in a day for best results. Another exercise for firming the skin around mouth is inhale and then fills air in your mouth; this will stretch your mouth as a balloon which is filled with air. Stay in this inflated balloon position for 30 seconds and after that slowly release the air from your mouth. This is an excellent exercise to strengthen the muscles around your mouth.

Forehead Firming Exercise

This is an excellent exercise to slow down the formation of wrinkles on the forehead. In order to tighten the forehead skin you need to lie on your back on the floor and stare at the ceiling. While staring at the ceiling open your eyes as wide as you can. This will require you to raise your eyebrows at the same time. Thus you will feel some pull in the skin of your forehead. Then after few seconds staying in this position, come back to the normal relaxed position of your eyes and eyebrows. You need to do this exercise at least 10 times in a day for the best results.

After doing all these exercises you can follow some natural home remedies to get wrinkle free skin. You can follow some of them to get a nice wrinkle free skin. These are just day to day remedies which can be easily followed at home, so let us check out what all they are;

Egg White

Applying the egg white on the face helps in reducing wrinkles form the face. This is the best way to get rid of wrinkles around eyes and on forehead. Applying egg white around eyes and forehead will remove all the blemishes from the skin naturally. Since the egg white is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals it works naturally in reducing the wrinkles from the face. You can use it on neck also to remove wrinkles.


Before taking bath take a piece of papaya and rub it on your face and neck, this will make your skin smooth and wrinkle free too. The PApain present in papaya is very helpful in removing dead cells from the skin and rejuvenates the skin by promoting the formation of new cells on the skin.


Since banana is rich in vitamins and iron it should be rubbed on the face every day to get rid of wrinkles and to get a younger looking skin.


it is very helpful in removing wrinkles from the face, but it is not good for dry skin. Because dry skin means there is lack of water in the skin and water is the only solution for rehydrating dry skin, so drink lots of water to hydrate it.

Fruit Juices

While preparing any face pack instead of adding lime juice mix carrot or cucumber juice in it. This is much more beneficial than adding lime juice.

Face Massage

You can massage your face at home with olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil, the vitamin E present in these oils will give instant glow to your face. Massaging your face will remove dead cells also from the skin.


Add some sugarcane juice in turmeric powder and apply this paste on your face, it helps in tightening the skin of your face. This paste is effective in getting rid of not only wrinkles but also helps in making the skin beautiful. The anti bacterial properties of turmeric will help in curing any kind of skin infection also. Thus by following these exercises and tips for your face you can not only prevent wrinkle formation but also remove the dead cells from the skin , thus promoting the growth of new cells on the skin.

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